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NOTE: In this special edition to celebrate Andanças Festival, we only provide general tickets to participate in this event, on August 21st and 22nd.




(from 12 years old)



(1 to 11 years old)



Limited Capacity


For security reasons and in order to guarantee the comfort and well-being of participants in the pandemic context, this special edition of Andanças will have a limited capacity of 60 participants.

COVID-19 Testing


To participate in this special edition of Andanças, and in accordance with the DGS rules, you must present, with the Secretariat, a Full Vaccination Certificate or a negative COVID-19 test, in one of the following cases:

  • PCR, done 48 hours before; Antigen test with laboratory report, done 48 hours before;
  • Rapid antigen test in the self-test mode, done 24 hours before in the presence of a healthcare professional or pharmaceutical area;
  • Self-test done by the person responsible for Espaço Saúde do Andanças, at the Secretariat of Festival (Balcão Social Extensão de Saúde de Campinho).

Participant Guide (COVID-19)


To walk together safely in this special edition celebrating the Andanças Festival, PédeXumbo has created a Participant Guide (COVID-19) that will help us feel safe during all program activities. To consult here.


Tickets Online


We advise all participants that there will be no ticket office at the festival, so all tickets must be purchased through the Ticket Online, by filling out the form provided. Regardless of age, each participant must complete a form. After completing the form, you will receive an email with the form of payment. There are no exchanges or return of tickets. Tickets are nominative, personal and non-transferable, and it is necessary to present identification document and electronic ticket to collect wristbands (it is not necessary to print the electronic ticket, just present it on your smartphone).

Reception (Secretariado)


The Reception for this special edition of Andanças will be at Balcão Social Extensão de Saúde de Campinho and this is where participants should go to exchange their electronic tickets for bracelets. It is also in this place that the reception of the participant will work, as well as the COVID-19 testing center. The opening hours of this service are from 8:30 am to 9:30 am, on Saturday, August 21st, for reception of participants and collection of General Tickets.

By purchasing Andanças Ticket you are contribuiting for…

Developing a place, where beneficial environmental and social practices can be experienced and disseminated;

To keep Andanças free from brands, advertising and merchandising;




Help the construction of stages, infrastructures, paths, showers, sanitary installations, piping and power supply all over the festival grounds, a large area with constraints arising from its location in nature;

Ensure the compensation of the artists, who fill the program of Andanças and take you on a journey through cultures and countries right on the festival grounds;

Allow the provision of the Andanças canteen with local products, which stimulates the local economy and traditional trades, preferring small producers even if that means higher costs;

The execution of all essential tasks for the development of a festival on a large scale,  ensuring the well being of participants but also aiming to respect and protect the environment during all stages of the event;


Andanças is built by everyone, whether artists, volunteers or  participants. Each one contributes in a unique way, making possible the days of dance, music, sharing and partying.

©2019 Copyright, all rights by PédeXumbo
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