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Have you got a new project that brings together both tradition and contemporaneity? Do you teach dancing, yoga, arts & crafts or another particular area of knowledge and want to share it with the world? Are you a member of a band or dance troupe, or even both, and are keen on getting people to dance? Do you want to spend four days of learning and sharing? 


Apply for the “Artistic Program for Andanças 2022” and join the Andanças Family!

In 2022, Andanças has a new home at Campinho and with it comes the return of music, dancing, movement and arts & crafts to its program.

We’re looking for original and creative proposals, that are participative, provoke movement, stimulate interaction and are bringers of joy, goodwill, dreams and celebration, while also looking ahead towards the future!

We’d like to receive your artistic proposals, particularly in the areas of Dancing, Music, Arts and Crafts, Gastronomy and any kind of project that presents new approaches to culture!

The call for proposals to the Artistic Program for Andanças 2022 will take place from the 1st of April to the 30th, from the form that will be available online.

For any question regarding the program at Andanças please contact us: programacao@andancas.net.

Another edition of Andanças promoting traditional music and dances, fostering encounters and moments of sharing, promoting learning amongst many individuals, groups, generations and cultures. 

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