− 17th of march to 17th of april 2023 −




− until 22nd of may 2023 −

Have you got a new project that brings together both tradition and contemporaneity? Do you teach dancing, yoga, arts & crafts or another particular area of knowledge and want to share it with the world? Are you a member of a band or dance troupe, or even both, and are keen on getting people to dance? Do you want to spend four days of learning and sharing? 

Apply for the artistic program for Andanças 2023 and join the Andanças Family!

In 2023, Andanças will take place in Campinho, a village in the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz, from the 27th to the 30th of July, with its programme providing us once more with dance, movement, music, performance, arts & crafts and walks. 

Andanças is a living and breathing space of personal expression and experimentation! Throughout its 25 editions, the festival has established itself as a hallmark in the music and dancing scene. It’s a space where artists and audience alike interact through traditional practices, reinventing and merging them with innovative artistic ways of being. 

Before you apply, you should get to know the concept and pillars of the Andanças festival.



We’re looking for creative and original proposals which are participative, stimulate movement, foster encounters and enhance joy, good will, dreams and celebration looking towards the future and new approaches to culture!

The 2023 edition has been changed as to how each artist or project can participate. They can now choose between being a part of the program on a voluntary plan, in accordance with one of the main pillars of the festival, or on a paid plan (conditions of participation available on the registration platform, starting on the 17th of March).

The proposals for the artistic programming can be submitted by filling out the full online form, which will be available on the registration platform from the 17th of March through 17th of April of 2023.

Another edition of Andanças promoting traditional music and dances, fostering encounters and moments of sharing, promoting learning amongst many individuals, groups, generations and cultures. 

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