For the good functioning of the traffic in the village and for the non-disturbance of the residents of Campinho, during the days of Andanças, a traffic map of the festival was defined and three parking pockets were created, being not allowed to park vehicles outside these areas.

The three parking pockets can be identified on the map below. 2 pockets with access through Rua das Couves, for participants arriving at Campinho via the São Marcos do Campo road (CM1129). 1 pocket with direct access for those arriving via the Cumeada road (CM1130).


The parking pockets on Rua da Couves are located 500m from the campsite and 250m walk from the festival ticket office. The parking lot on CM1130 is located 400m from the ticket office and 470m from the canteen, artist reception and instrument storage.

The Andanças 2023 Traffic Map is available here.



In Andanças we have parking reserved for people with disabilities or reduced mobility:

4 places next to the entrance of the main enclosure, in the Parque de Feiras do Campinho;

1 place next to the official ticket office, in the Cultural Space of Campinho;

1 place next to the Andanças Canteen, located in the Primary School of Campinho.

1 place next to the Health Space, located at the Social Counter Extensão De Saúde Campinho.

1 place next to the Andanças Market and Campinho Stage, Praça de Bernardino José Cruz, Rua da Horta, Campinho.


On arrival at the festival it is possible to park, for a limited time, in an area reserved for loading and unloading, located in the Caravan Park (next to the campsite). Participants can leave their belongings at the campsite and should then go to the parking pockets indicated on the festival map (see map).

Andanças23 Mapa Emergência 1 1024x710 PARKING AND TRAFFIC
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