Andanças promotes a holistic vision and considers the whole life cycle of products and services, from production processes to consumption. With our idealized objective of “zero waste” we are trying to contribute to more sustainable consumption habits and life styles.


Principles and Compromises

At PédeXumbo are aware that any event of large dimensions has considerable environmental, social and economic impacts – even cultural events like a festival. Therefore we are striving to be aware of, and reduce, possible negative impacts of Andanças. We choose to adopt best practices and apply them in a continuous and progressive way.


Our objectives are:

1. To reduce negative local and global impacts, having the festival touching the planet with the smallest and lightest footprint possible.

2. To create local and regional changes towards sustainability, by introducing best practices which will take root and bear fruit.

3. To spread principles and practices which our participants will take home with them, like seeds ready to sprout and flourish in other places, in their day-to-day life. With only small changes in our behavior we can make the world a fairer and more sustainable place with more solidarity.

We invite you to come and experiment, and share Andanças in all its aspects.

Zero disposables

At Andanças we do not use disposable dishes – there are no single-use plastic cups, plates or cutlery. We have re-usable mugs for each participant, and plates and cutlery are washed after meals.

The mug is a symbol of Andanças and PédeXumbo. Bring your own cup from home, with a capacity of up to 20 cl (material and shape are up to you). Alternatively you can get one at the festival for a small deposit. At the end you can return the mug and get your money back.

To reduce use of plastic water bottles we provide drink water taps. Besides, we encourage the sale of pressurized drinks like beer from tap. We also promote the use of sugar cups instead of individually packed sugar, and the use of wooden disposable sticks for stirring coffee.


Zero waste of water

Water is a precious and scarce resource. At Andanças we promote responsible use of water and encourage water saving. We are using automatic taps to avoid waste of water.


Zero waste of food – the right portion!

At Andanças we strive to reduce food waste by encouraging people to take only the quantity of food they need – the right portion, or “Dose Certa”.

Making a habit of using sustainable ways of transport

Using public transport or car sharing has innumerable advantages, economically, environmentally (like reduction of emissions and energy consumption), and socially. At Andanças we try to show that these are viable options: public transport to the festival, getting a lift among friends or via online platforms. Above all, it is a question of conscience, motivation and planning ahead.

Making a habit of re-using

It is easy to give a longer life to objects that surround us. This way we can avoid waste, save natural resources and energy used in the production process. At Andanças we try to bring this message across by encouraging each participant to personalize their mug and to re-use it at our other events. We also remind, that water bottles can be refilled with tap water and that dishes should be reusable. We also avoid merchandising.

Making a habit of recycling

Nowadays recycling is a habit for most people. At Andanças we collect different types of waste separately for recycling. Our mini recycling centres for packing material are distributed throughout the festival area. Organic waste is collected separately for local composting.

Making a habit of using an ashtray

If you are a smoker, consider to bring a pocket ashtray with you, or get one at the festival. We have several alternatives available. The idea is to create a habit of it, so cigarette butts will not end up on the floor – at the festival, but also afterwards.

Zero-kilometer menu

At Andanças we use local providers whenever possible. Meals are prepared with locally produced ingredients. Our objective is to support local economy, but also to reduce the ecological footprint, and to avoid unnecessary food costs.

Portuguese products

We want to support national production and creativity, and look for products and services of highest sustainability and quality. We believe that Andanças plays an active part in raising awareness and influencing the market (producers, suppliers and consumers). We show that there is a demand and a place for sustainable alternatives, and for innovative companies which share our vision.

Renewable energy

Portugal has plenty of renewable energy sources, like the sun, wind and the sea. Besides our concern about reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency, we also try to share knowledge of alternative energy sources at Andanças, especially related to solar energy: for lighting, water heating, or cooking (for example in solar ovens).


Using the Andanças Mug and saying no to plastic and disposables! It is saying yes to re-using as a habit.

The mug is an icon of Andanças and of Pédexumbo. We ask all participants to bring their own mug (with a capacity of up to 20 cl) from home. In case you do not have one, you can acquire it from the participant front desk or by the meal points. Due to the pandemic, this year we will not be taking refunds. 



Going in the Andanças Bus for the tours of this edition of «A Caminhar para o Andanças», in accordance with the departure time and place indicated in the program. We should avoid going in our own car for more sustainable mobility, with economic and environmental advantages! 




Asking for the right portion in meals! At Andanças we incentivize the reduction of food waste through the right portion “Dose Certa”, making people aware that they should help themselves (or ask those that are serving them) for only the strictly necessary amount of food they will eat. 



Buying local produce! At Andanças, whenever possible, we use local suppliers and the meals are also made with locally sourced ingredients. This year we are counting on local associations to make the lunches of the program «A Caminhar para o Andanças». The goal is to boost the local economy, but also to reduce the ecological footprint and any unnecessary food-related costs. We also suggest that the participants of the festival buy local products at the local stores. 



Recycling! At Andanças we make the selective gathering of residue for recycling. The customary recycling centres for plastic packages will be available in the programming areas so that all participants may help with separating residue, thus helping in the labour of selective gathering. 



Bringing a pocket ashtray! In this edition we will walk around many areas in Reguengos de Monsaraz, including places right in the middle of nature. We recommend that all smokers bring with them their own pocket ashtray. They can buy one at the participant front desk. The goal for this habit is to make sure that cigarette butts never end up in the ground. 



Saving water! At Andanças we incentivize the conscious use of water as a precious, limited resource and we educate people on saving it. We avoid its waste by using automated water faucets whenever it is possible. 



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