In order for Andanças to be a space of comfort and well being for all, a set of services are provided to the participants!

Below you will find each of the services present at Andanças 2023, which this year is held once again in Campinho.



This is the place where you can buy the wristband that gives you access to the entire venue, programmed areas and infrastructures of the festival and campsite. Here you can exchange credentials for journalists (Media), sell tickets, exchange advance sales for wristbands with proof and exchange invitations for wristbands.


Location: Espaço Cultural de Campinho 



For the good functioning of the traffic in the village and not to disturb the residents of Campinho, there are 3 parking pockets at the festival and it is not allowed to park vehicles outside these areas. The three parking pockets can be identified on the map below. 2 pockets with access from Rua das Couves, for participants arriving at Campinho via the São Marcos do Campo road (CM1129). 1 pocket with direct access for those arriving via the Cumeada road (CM1130).

Check Map Andanças 2023.



Andanças mugs, one of the most emblematic objects of the Festival, allow it to remain free of disposables. During the festival, you can buy yours at the Canecário and take it dancing through the streets of Campinho.


Location: next to the main enclosure at the Campinho Fairground



This is a space with its own programming, aimed at Children and Families, such as dance workshops, theater, circus, plastic arts, dances, and concerts. Here children are under the responsibility of their parents. Unaccompanied children under 5 years old are not accepted.


Location: Sociedade Recreativa Campinhense


Space created so that children can rest while parents enjoy the festival.For children from 9 months to 5 years. In this space there is a microwave to heat baby food and bottles.The use of this space is made by signing a Term of Responsibility by the parents or guardians of the children


Location: Ludoteca do Campinho



This is where musical instruments and materials for Artists, Photographers, Journalists, Monitors and the Public are kept and stored



Traditional space for selling handmade goods (non-food).


Location: Berbardino José Cruz Square, Largo da Junta de Freguesia de Campinho


In Programming, support is given to the following issues:

– Information related to programming;

– Support for monitors and artists: contacts and meeting point for programmers;

– Management (until 02h30) of the entire program of workshops, dances and concerts;

– Placement of programming grids, with daily updates;



Space created so that children can rest while their parents enjoy the festival and where there is also a shaded rest area for parents or guardians of the children.The use of this space is made upon the signing of a Term of Responsibility by parents or guardians of the children

Location: Ludoteca de Campinho



At the Artists Reception there is a team working to welcome the artists, to hand out dossiers and wristbands, to pay the fees, to accompany the artists to the different places of the festival, to hand out meal tickets and drink tickets.



This is where you can find taverns and restaurants with flavors of the Alentejo and the world, where you can find natural juices, white drinks, beer and sangria, teas. Alentejo dishes, vegetarian, steaks, snacks, soups, salads, coffee, ice cream and others.

Location: Social area of the festival, next to the main enclosure.



Andanças camping is a free service for those who have a festival wristband. Only participants with a valid wristband can access the campsite. There are showers and toilets at the campsite. Vehicles such as cars, motorhomes or cars with tents on the roof are not allowed in the camping area. Despite being a guarded space, the organization is not responsible for damage, theft and damage to tents. It is forbidden to light fires and smoke in this area and it is forbidden to leave gas cylinders inside the tents.

Location: entrance to Campinho, on the São Marcos do Campo road. It is 300m from the main venue

Check-in time: The festival campsite opens on Wednesday, July 26, at 18:30, for participants with a general pass or ticket for Thursday, July 27. The check-in of participants with a daily ticket, must be done on the same day. 

Check-out time: Check out must take place by 12:00 on the day following the validity of the wristband.

Loading and Unloading: On arrival at the festival it is possible to park, for a limited time, in an area reserved for loading and unloading, located in the Caravan Park (next to the campsite). Participants can leave their belongings at the campsite and should then go to the parking pockets indicated on the festival map.



At Cantina Andanças the food is preferably regional and organic. There are omnivorous, meat or fish and vegetarian meals, they are complete meals and at an affordable price for all participants.

Location: Pátio da Escola Básica do Campinho


Breakfast: 07:30 to 10:00

Lunch: 12:00 to 15:30

Dinner: 19:00 to 22:30

Prices: in update


Lunch or Dinner: (includes soup, main course, fruit, 1 glass of juice or wine).



Centralizes all occurrences. Coordinates security forces, private security, firefighters. Keeps weather information up to date, taking care of the participants and expediting with the Health Area. Resolves conflicts and manages the complaints book Recruits the Lost and Found, registers them and delivers them with proof of ownership. Makes the integrated management of the festival’s security. Lost children spot (in the security room)


The Health Space at Andanças is managed and organized by health professionals. In this space light wounds are treated and medical care is provided.



The information point at Andanças answers questions about the different aspects and services of the festival. This year the Sale of Editions joins the Information Point. Here you can buy editions of the artists present at the Festival, Andanças CD’s and other editions of PédeXumbo and not only!


Location: next to the main enclosure in the Campinho Fair Park.



The lost and found items can be delivered to the Operational Center and to the Information Center; the collection of lost and found items must be done at the Operational Center upon proof of possession.



In this edition of Andanças, there is a Caravan Park, a parking area for caravans. All festival participants who stay overnight in a caravan can use the camping toilets and showers, provided they have a valid wristband and according to the official opening hours and operation of the camping.


Location: at the entrance of Campinho, by the road of São Marcos do Campo. This park is located 200 meters from the campsite and 200 meters from the main festival site (see festival map).



The Alqueva Transfer takes the participants to the river beach every day, July 27th to 30th!

Bus-stop: Largo do Relógio

Schedule: Campinho – Beach: 2:45 PM | Beach – Campinho: 5:15 PM



Want to explore the region or go to Alqueva by bike? This year the U-Bike returns to Andanças, in a partnership between the University of Évora and PédeXumbo. Participants can request a U-Bike at the Information Point, with the delivery of a deposit that will be returned upon delivery of the bicycle. They can be requested for a period of up to 4 hours. The request is subject to the number of bicycles available.

Location: Information Office, next to the main enclosure in the Campinho Fairground.


Information about the festival services, their locations and opening hours is being updated.

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