In order for Andanças to be a space of comfort and well being for all, a set of services are provided to the participants!

Below you will find each of the services present at Andanças 2023, which this year is held once again in Campinho.

Tickets Office


– This is the place where you get the bracelet that allows access to the main festival grounds, camping and cantonment.

– Exchange of credentials for journalists 

– Sale of tickets / bracelets.

– Exchange of online tickets by bracelets.

– Exchange of invitations for bracelets.



Andanças mugs, one of the most emblematic objects of the Festival, allow it to remain free of disposables, and can be returned at the end of the festival.

Get yours in the Canecário and take her dancing through the streets of Campinho.

Andanças Canteen


– At Cantina Andanças food is preferably regional

and organic.

– There are omnivorous, meat or fish and vegetarian meals.



Breakfast: 2,50 €

Lunch or Dinner: 6.30 €  (includes soup, main course,

fruit, 1 glass of juice or wine)


Location: Escola Primária de Campinho

Schedule: Breakfast: 07:30h to 10:30h
Lunch: 12:00h to 15:30h
Dinner: 19:00h to 22:30h

Operational Center


Centralizes all occurrences, answers the emergency number (913159913). Coordinates security forces, private security, fire brigades. Keeps the weather information up to date, taking care of the participants and speeding up with the Health Space. Resolve conflicts and manage complaints book. Receives the Lost and Found, registers them and delivers them by proof of ownership. Integrated security management of the festival. Lost children point (in the security room)


Location: Espaço Cultural de Campinho 

Schedule: 24h

Battery Charging Points


In 2023 there will be battery charging points where several devices can be charged simultaneously, under the responsibility of the user. The organization is not responsible for theft and/or damage to equipment left at points for battery charging.


Location: Resting area next to the main festival grounds in Parque de Feiras de Campinho

Schedule:  24h

Guard of Instruments


This is where the musical instruments and materials

of Artists, Photographers, Journalists, Monitors are stored.


Location: Escola Primária de Campinho

Schedule: in update

Child Space


This space has its own program directed to Children and Families – dance workshops, theater, circus, plastic arts, dances and concerts.

– Children are under the responsibility of parents

– Children under 5 years old must be accompanied


Location: Sociedade Recreativa Campinhense

Schedule: 09:00h to 20:00h

Andanças Art & Crafts Market


Traditional space for the sale of handicraft

(non-food) goods.


Location: Praça de Berbardino José Cruz,

Largo da Junta de Freguesia
Schedule in update



This is where you can find the tasquinhas and restaurants with flavors of Alentejo and the world, here you can find natural juices, white drinks, beer and sangria, teas. Alentejo dishes, vegetarian, bifanas, snacks, soups,

açordas, salads, coffee, ice creams among others.

This year this area is open to all. 

Location: Festival’s social area, near the main stage.
Schedule: 09:00h to 02:00h

Naps and Nursery


Space created so that the children can rest while the parents enjoy the festival and where there is also a rest area in the shade for the parents, or responsible for the children. For children from 9 months to 5 years. In this space there is a microwave to heat baby bottles and bottles. The use of this space is made through the signing of a Term of Responsibility by parents or guardians of children


Location: Ludoteca de Campinho
Schedule: in update



Stamping of t-shirts and other garments with the logo Andanças 2023


Location: Espaço das Oficinas Criativas no Lavadouro de Campinho.

Schedule: 10:00h to 12:00h | 18:30h to 20:00h

Lost & Found


Lost and found may be delivered to the Operations Center and Information. The collection of lost and found items

must be done in the Operations Center by means of proof

of possession.

Health Area


Managed and organized by health professionals.

Treatment of minor injuries and medical follow-up.


Location: Balcão Social de Campinho

Schedule: 24h



– Information related to program;

– Support to monitors and artists: contacts and meeting point of programmers;

– Management (until 02:30 am) of all workshops, dances

and concerts;

– Grid placement scheduling, with daily update;


Location: In a house next to the Feira Stage;

Schedule: 09:00h. – 02:30h.

Artists Reception


Reception and delivery of dossiers, delivery of wristbands, payment of values, accompaniment of artists to the places

of the festival, delivery of meal passwords and drinks passwords.


Location: Escola Primária de Campinho

Schedule: in update

Sale of CD’s and Editions


Sale of editions of the artists present at the Festival,

CD Andanças and other editions of PédeXumbo.

Sale of  materials from artists present at the festival

and beyond!


Location: Near main stage in Parque

de Feiras de Campinho

Schedule: 12:00h to 22:00h

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