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Sab 20
Horário: 22:00 - 23:15 | Local: Palco Quintal
Baile - Baile com AÉROKORDA (BE)
Dom 21
Horário: 01:00 - 02:15 | Local: Palco Seara
Baile - Baile com AÉROKORDA (BE)


Folk music with influences from Irish and the Balkan cultures completed with our own touch and ideas


Founded in 2016, Aérokorda can best be described as neo-folk with Celtic, Slavic and Classical influences, which are evident in the band's own compositions.

The at that time brand new group already released their first album in 2017, 'Hush the wolves'. As a result, Aérokorda soon had the opportunity to give some beautiful performances both in Belgium and abroad.

To grow even more, the young wolves decided to participate in two music competitions, both of which they also won. They are proud to write the Folkarria concurso (Spain) and the Mauro Burnelli Concorso (Italy) on their palmares. For the second album 'Ashes fell' (2021), Aérokorda has taken more time and the now international band has started experimenting more freely with different influences. The songs matured longer, so that the group developed even more of its own sound.

The Belgian trio consists of Pavel Souvandjiev (violin), Adriaan Van Wonterghem (guitar) and Davy Cautaerts (Irish whistle, octave mandolin).
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