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Djara Djara

Djara Djara

Sab 20
Horário: 19:30 - 20:30 | Local: Palco Campinho
Concerto - Concerto com DJARA DJARA (ES)


Our project shows a travel from Africa to Europe, only with the sounds of the strings of two kora arps. We try to create a mixture of the traditional African music going to European rythms.


Djara Djara means "Vibration", is a musical project that arises in January 2017, formed by the sum of two: Abba Suso (Gambia) and Alberto Homedes (Spain). Our music is inspired by a blend of African tradition and more current rhythms. The way to transmit our music is through the kora.

And what is the kora? The kora is an African harp, originating in Gambia, composed of a pumpkin, a wooden mast and 21 strings. And as the African tradition says "the three dead matters come together to create life".

Djara Djara offers different and unique musical experiences. Concerts, private parties, company events and music to personalize your special occasions.

Now we are working in a new project "Balakorafö", a mixture between kora and balafon, traditional african music and modern music
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