Andanças 2022

In 2022, from the 18th to the 21st of August, Andanças Festival has its rebirth at Campinho, to the sound of music, the rhythm of dancing and to the feeling of cultural and physical re-embracement.

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A seed sprouting near Alqueva’s waters


Andanças Festival has found a new home at Campinho, a village in the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz, overlooking Alentejo’s plains with its many cork oaks, holm oaks and only 3 km away from the famed water mirror of Alqueva.
In 2021, we started «A Caminhar para o Andanças», in a special edition brought about to get to know the region while already considering the future of the festival, with a multitude of gatherings and conversations where we exchanged seeds so we could later watch them sprout. Now, Andanças is being reborn and growing roots in Central Alentejo with great evergreen-like strength and energy, bringing back the four pillars of the festival: Dancing&Music, Volunteering, Community and Sustainability.
This year our rendezvous is set between the 18th and the 21st of August, for four days filled with the spirit of Andanças, in an edition inspired by this enchanting region and its community, featuring the partnership of Reguengos de Monsaraz City Council and the Parish Council of Campo e Campinho.

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Campinho, the rendezvous of the “Andantes”


Campinho is among the prettiest riverside villages in the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz and is now the official rendezvous for the Andantes.
This year the festival takes place from the 18th to the 21st august and will inhabit the streets and spaces of Campinho, welcoming 1500 participants. From the main grounds of the festival to the camping site, from the children’s area to the health area, from the ticket office to the canteen, from the alleys to the squares yet to be filled with participants, you’ll find all the services of the festival in this village from Alentejo that lets itself be warmly embraced by the spirit of Andanças.
With the festival taking place in urban mesh, the Community pillar is even more relevant. Mutual aid, sharing and exchange are a great part of Andanças that, for the second year in a row, will be welcomed by the community of Campinho, its people, associations, cafés, grocery stores, families and entities, also providing us with greater awareness of the region itself and its customs.
In a yellow undulating summer plain, Campinho is a mere 3 km away from the tranquil idyllic waters of Alqueva, the largest artificial lake in all of Europe, through a path for the Picnic Park of Campinho whenever those hours of most heat may lead us to a restful afternoon beneath the cork oaks and holm oaks.

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Dancing is back!


This year, Andanças brings back music and popular dances as privileged means of learning and interchange among generations and cultures. Four days to dance, in a blissful trip to many corners of the world, with all the moments of sharing and learning that the festival has accustomed us to.
Due to the hours of Alentejo’s heat, this edition will have less dancing moments, with workshops every day in the morning and late in the afternoon, enabling us to be just like Alentejo locals and enjoy a nice invigorating nap under the trees. We will then regain our strength for the workshops and dances going from late afternoon to all through the night.

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A programme for all


From the 18th to the 21st of August, Andanças Festival fills these four days with a programme with various activities throughout the day and for all ages.
This edition is not just special since we will be able to dance again, but also because of the return of the children area and activities for families. There’ll be plenty of parallel workshops, with hands-on challenges, story time and “Cinema for all”!
The morning begins with relaxation workshops to enliven our bodies for the following dance moments! Then, late in the afternoon, we’ll stretch, keep on dancing or just relax and enjoy the music. Concerts and shows will keep our ears perked for the remainder of the programme. And yes! The dances will go on throughout the night so we can dance freely.
During these four days, travelling lovers and wanderers alike will be able to get acquainted with the region through the local programming proposals, which will divulge the local gastronomy, craftmanship and customs.

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