Bruno et Maria avec Heiri
Project synopsis
The European impair waltzes in folk music enriches the folk dance and bal folk scene where music is mostly kept in 2-, 3- or 4-time beats and offers an additional dimension for continuous and interactive couple dancing. 
Dancing an impair waltz gives new possibilities for dancers to have fun and to communicate and interact in a rich and intriguing way. 
Dancing a 9-time waltz, e. g., means to find and feel the energetic differences in dancing the - by no means rigid - step sequences. Getting aware of the irregularity of the major beats, causes a unique rhythm, also realised by the energy of the dancers. 
We are musicians from Switzerland, playing accordion, clarinet and double bass and we love and have a lot of experience with the European folk dance music tradition.
A bal folk we love to play consists of a European folk dance music program with outstanding melodies, a good mix of couple and group dances but also with a fondness for impair waltzes. Many of our dance pieces are contemporary compositions, comprising both the spirit and the unique rhythms of the traditional folk dances.
Our workshops and balls are intended to offer a new perspective, to other country's tradition, to modern and contemporary approaches in music and dance interpretation, but above all, to share this new experiences with others, with the group we are involved in and with the dance partners. 


Horário: 22:00 até 23:15
Espaço: Palco Feira
Actividade: Baile com BRUNO ET MARIA AVEC HEIRI (CH)
Horário: 00:30 até 02:00
Espaço: Palco Quintal
Actividade: Baile com BRUNO ET MARIA AVEC HEIRI (CH)
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