In 2018, music and dance will continue to create moments of sharing. Andanças will be back as a place where everyone can dance, make music, learn, and experience new things. A place where we share and exchange ideas for a better world.
Roda Viva
In its 23rd edition, Andanças celebrates its continuation as a landmark music and dance festival in Portugal, where artists and participants actively interact with traditional practices, reinventing them and  merging them with new and innovative forms of artistic expressions. 
The program of Andanças 2018 will include, to a large part, proposals which integrate cooperative and sustainable values, show innovative forms of expression, provoke and surprise the audience, keep a creative eye on arts, tradition, identity, society and contemporaneity. We aim at a program that stimulates a meeting with the different, the other, the traditional, the new, and invite participation in a mutually enriching dialogue, creating a place of well-being for all. 

World dances will continue to be the central axis of Andanças, offering at the same time room for new proposals, from urban to contemporary dances. Innovative and emerging artistic proposals will have a special place at Andanças.
Music will be the central element, essential for the movement of bodies, approach between people and creation of a space for encounters and learning, in a dance which moves not only bodies but also ideas.

Between dances, there will also be places of rest, get-together, meetings or contemplation, in an environment that continues to surprise.
Andanças also provides a place for provocative and spontaneous artistic interactions, with a mix of musical styles, languages, and artistic expressions. From those interactions emerge new projects which keep enriching the festival year after year. Andanças is a potent and vibrant artistic space, which marks generations with its identity. 
Many artistic areas, like theater, fine arts, cinema and circus, will again play a role in 2018 program. Encountered in improbable places, they invite reflection on the relationship of arts with the surroundings and the present.

The diversity of Andanças participants and the multitude of proposed activities allow the construction of a dense and dynamic network of interactions, which transforms this festival into a global village 
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