Andanças 2018
Roda Viva
In "Roda Viva - living circle" the movement is continuous. We hold hands and we close the circle, we join, we turn on our body and with our pair, we dance without stopping. We build and evolve, we learn. We change places and continue the journey, we travel, we leave, we arrive. And a new dance begins.
Roda Viva arrives in the village
Once again in an urban environment, Andanças revisits past forms and rethinks the future, offering new possibilities. In 2017 we found Andanças independent of time and space. Andanças of those who make it possible, who host it and who participate in it - those who give meaning to its existence. We found Andanças within ourselves. This year the festival embraces the village and the village will embrace Andanças once again. Andanças "Roda Viva" returns to the streets of Castelo de Vide from 1 to 5 August. 
One more day to dance
With an extra day, the festival will bring music, dance and plenty other activities.
For 5 days, participants will be able to walk around the streets, squares and gardens of Castelo de Vide, dance in the church or above the horizon, try local products, visit gardens and monuments, learn about local culture, peek at crafts, rest on the grass overlooking the mountain range, climb to Penha or go to Póvoa e Meadas and trek through nature. This edition will maintain Andanças quality and diversity with a program that continues to perpetuate the concept of the festival as a meeting place for experiences and creation.
Cooperation, sharing and exchange are all concepts who form one of the pillars of the festival - Community, which gains even more prominence with Andanças taking place at the center of Castelo de Vide. In 2018 Andanças returns to the village to be close to its people, making it the perfect excuse to explore the region and its customs.
The area next to the Fort of São Roque is once again highlighted as a programming space, offering panoramic views of the countryside and the mountains surrounding the village. In this area, there will be 4 stages, 3  for dances and workshops and the space dedicated to families and children, which will become a dance stage at night. Exploring the corners of this area we will create new zones of leisure and shade with several spaces that will be perfect for a rest.
The bandstand of Jardim Grande (public garden), the Cineteatro Mouzinho da Silveira, the Church of S. Francisco and the streets of Castelo de Vide will once again be free and open for all. In the heart of the village, we continue to be close to its people, handicrafts, gastronomy and to offer a varied local program and endless possibilities for learning and exchange.
Andanças is in constant movement. Shakes, shifts, renews, unites. Andanças is a living path, connects to the present and projects the future. It is a point of departure and arrival. Andanças is a journey and it is always in "Roda Viva".
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