In 2015, Andanças is celebrating 20 editions, which affects all aspects of the Festival. We will meet again at the location we discovered in 2013, creating a village by combining traditional construction with innovative artistic installations. The programme includes projects to mark the 20 editions of Andanças, but also to reinvent and surprise. There are many projects coming from far away and there is room for new projects as well. A group of people, associations and entities are invited to decide on the programme. With their background and motivation they will come up with the best programme for the festival. Chapitô, Coreto, d'Orfeu, Imaginarius, Música Portuguesa a Gostar Dela Própria, Popolomondo, Planeta Dança, Tradballs, Caminhos do Cinema Português and various autonomous cultural producers join PédeXumbo in the set-up of this year's Andanças, in the spirit of diversity and openness. 
World dances remain the main focus of Andanças, but there will also be room for new proposals, from urban dance to contemporary dance. We are especially looking for innovative and unusual artistic proposals.
Of course the music is the essential part of the program, being the base for the movement of the body, for the approaching of people and their development and for dance. Dance, which does not only moves the body, but also ideas. 
Balls are the central activities and the selection of artistic proposals will reflect this. But there is also room for breaks. There are areas to rest and think, or to meet and chat in surprising ways.
Andanças is a space for artistic interactions, both planned and spontaneous, for mixtures of musical styles, languages and artistic perceptions. From this approach, new projects emerge and enrich the festival each year. Andanças is a strong, lively artistic place which marks generations in peace with their identity. 
Artistic events like theatre, plastic arts, cinema and circus will be part of the program as well, taking place at unlikely places. This emphasizes the relation of the events with the place and the environment in present times.
The diversity of the audience of Andanças and the multitude of proposed activities allows the construction of a dense and dynamic network of interactions, which transforms the festival into a global village. 
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