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Concertos Andanças'2013
19 TO 25 AUG'13
Participatory logo
Andanças entered a new cycle, and new things are coming up every day!
The logo of Andanças'2013 is part of this process and defines, what discerns Andanças. This year the logo includes a tree. But why a tree? The tree has different symbolic meanings, which are very close to the ideas behind Andanças:
  • It has a strong trunk, made of all the people who are part of Andanças,
  • with many branches, which represent the various areas and places they reach
  • and create and transform.
  • Similar to the tree, Andanças undergoes a seasonal cycle: The construction, renovation and preparation of the festival by the volunteers during autumn and winter, to flourish in spring and bear fruit in summer, when Andanças takes place!
  • The tree of Andanças is a living tree, which connects us to nature and its cycles...
But there are even more changes! This year we decided to involve our participants even more. We have the following challenge for you:  We want you to create something, that represents your Andanças. A graphic, sculpture or anything else (there are no limits!) in the shape of the letters of the logo of Andanças. You can use any materials, colors, shapes or illustrations, but you should keep the structural form of the letters. You can use single letters or the whole logo. With this joint activity we can show the principle of participation, as one of the foundations of Andanças, in our logo. And additionally, the most important feelings and experiences connected to Andanças of everyone of us will be reflected. Let's create a logo, which is as dynamic and diverse as Andanças itself! Accept our challenge and create your own interpretation of Andanças (download of the letters). Send it to us and stay tuned at facebook and at andancas.net! Comment:           Digital at 600dpi in format “.jpg” Send via:           Mail: PédeXumbo                    Apartado 2195                    7001-901 Évora                    Portugal           Email: logotipo@andancas.net Gallery Participatory logo – Always uptade

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