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Concertos Andanças'2013
19 TO 25 AUG'13
Letter of Compromise of PX *
PédeXumbo (PX), as social-cultural representative, is committed to ensure a careful and responsible attitude in all its activities. Thus, PX tries to contribute to a better world and more sustainable lifestyles. Our attitude bases on four pillars: social, cultural, environmental and economical responsibility. It focuses on the following practical principles, which represent our fundamentals of a conscious life:

01. Joy, well-being and celebration of life
Appreciation of life and its diversity; Caring for happiness, health and well-being of other people; Cooperation, goodwill and positive attitude; Appreciation of the work, which in return gives the pleasure of creating something together; Music and dance as means to socialize and celebrate life; Lives of joy, passion and motivation; …

02. Contact to and respect for nature
Appreciation and recovery of the connection with nature; Respect for nature, the landscape and all life forms; Rehabilitation of nature: trying whenever possible to leave the places in a better state than we found them in; …

03. A culture of communication and participation
Flexible organization with a flat hierarchy (based on principles of equality and participation); Transparent and open culture; Appreciation and consolidation of the General Assembly; Effective cooperation; Principles of non-violent communication and mediation/resolution of conflicts; Integrated and coherent communication (internal and external); Innovative model of work organization and encouragement of voluntary work; Distribution of principles and best practices through integration, negotiation and training of various representatives (partners, supplier, public, etc.); Continuous training (personal and professional); Leadership and training; …

04. Simplicity and creativity
Voluntary simplicity; Imagination and creativity as inexhaustible resources; Art and aesthetic sensibility as means of knowledge, communication and appreciation; Attitude of questioning and constructive criticism; Search for simple and creative solutions of old and new problems; Focus on the solutions (and not on the problems); …

05. Comprehensive education and development of consciousness
Live/work/learn with all senses; Artistic, cultural and environmental education, creating awareness for consumption and health aspects; Lifelong learning; Raising understanding and conscience of the human being, life, society and the world; aesthetic sensibility as means of knowledge, communication and appreciation; Attitude of questioning and constructive criticism; …

06. Responsible use of resources and local economy
Responsible treatment of resources and nature; Principles of sustainable design, production and construction; Eco-innovation and eco-efficiency; Reduction of the amount of material and energy used for production/construction; Preference of services to products; Application of appropriate technology; Awareness of and integration in natural systems and cycles; Priority for local (regional, national) products and services; Manufacturing and handmade production (handicrafts, local artists and artisans); Local seasonal food; Direct exchange of goods and services; Alternative businesses of small scale; …

07. Reduction of the environmental footprint
Prevention and reduction of negative environmental impacts of all our actions; 3R-principle: Reduction (of consumption and waste), Reuse (culture of saving and reutilization), and Recycling (recycling of waste, and preferred use of recycled materials); Sustainable mobility; Avoiding contaminating/toxic products; Promotion and preference of natural products; …

08. Organizational culture and responsible lifestyle
Socio-environmental culture and integrated management; Objective of environmental, social and economic sustainability in everyday life; Broad systematic view (of connections on different scales); Awareness of ecological and social systems and connections of which we are part (agents/suppliers); Attention to life cycles of things, events and places; Ecological and social innovation of working habits and cultural production; Sustainable production and consumption; Continuous evaluation and improvement; …

09. Social responsibility and community development
Attitude of humanity and social solidarity: preference of people to profit; Responsible and creditable contractual relations; Ethically and socially responsible consumption; Employment of local staff during events; Priority to cooperation with local partners; Training for a sustainable local development (help to create and keep local changes for more sustainability); Vision of the future and responsibility for the generations to come; …

10. Global multicultural village
Multicultural and holistic view of the world and of life; Respect for cultural, spiritual and natural diversity; Creation of community; Contribution to the contemporary change of the cultural paradigm (social and environmental); …

*Approved during the General Assembly Meeting on 29 May 2011

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