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In the area of ​​Andanças there are several options where you can taste the local gastronomy and some other world flavours. There is a canteen, restaurants, bars and taverns. An invitation for several dances through the different flavors and palates!

Andanças Canteen

Andanças Canteen is more than a space of conviviality. It is a space for dialogue with food, assimilation and harmony with the nature that surrounds us. At Andanças Canteen there is a growing concern with issues of Sustainability and Health, as a whole. At Cantina Andanças you always prefer food from local producers, and there is a greater variety of dishes designed to think about the nutritional balance and the suitability for the space that welcomes us.


Restaurants and Bars  

In the festival grounds, there is also a restaurant area with different proposals, ranging from the traditional cuisine of the region, to the world’s flavors, with food and handmade drinks and vegan and vegetarian options.

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