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In 2019, music and dance will continue to lead moments of sharing. Under the theme “Families” we will create a human, creative canvas that will interconnect us with our surroundings.


Andanças will continue to be a space where everyone dances, where music is made, where you can learn and have new experiences, where there is sharing and crossing of ideas for a better world.


It will be a great week to find a new family or to take your existing one!

24 Andanças

In the 24th edition, Andanças continues to be a landmark festival in music and dance in Portugal, where artists and audiences actively interact with traditional practices, reinventing them and merging them with emerging and innovative artistic expressions. a broad set of proposals that integrate cooperative and sustainable values, present innovative forms of expression, provoke and surprise audiences, awakening a creative look at art, tradition, identity, society and contemporaneity.

A journey that starts in Portugal


In 2019 we will begin an annual cycle with a focus on programming that will focus on a specific country. This year the journey begins in Portugal. Andanças will become an interactive showcase of the best that is done in Portugal, inciting the encounter with the different, the other, the traditional and the contemporary, inviting everybody to participate, in a dialogue on mutual enrichment and the creation of a welfare area.

Dancing the World Away


The dances “of the world” will continue to constitute the central axis of Andanças, also keeping the space for the new proposals, ranging from urban dances to contemporary dances. Artistic areas such as Theater, Fine Arts, Cinema and Circus will continue to be part of the program, framed in unlikely places, invited to reflect on the relationship of art with the territory and with the actuality.

The diversity of Andanças’s audiences and the multiplicity of activities proposed allow the construction of a thick and dynamic network of interactions that transform the Festival into a global village.


Music will be the central element, essential to the movement of bodies, approaches between people and building spaces for meeting and learning, in a dance that in addition to bodies dynamizes ideas. 


Andanças is an artistic space, powerful and alive , which marks generations.

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