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“A Caminhar para o Andanças” is the idea that marks the return of the Andanças Festival, in a special edition, in 2021, in Campinho (Reguengos de Monsaraz), on August 21st and 22nd.”

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A new home


Andanças Festival has found a new home full of new horizons to spread music, dance and all the values ​​and energy that the festival brings. This new house is located in Central Alentejo, overlooking the Alentejo plain, the cork oaks and holm oaks, and the water mirror of the Alqueva Lake. Campinho, one of the most beautiful riverside villages in Reguengos de Monsaraz, is now the official meeting point for Andanças’s lovers. In a partnership between Associação PédeXumbo, the festival’s organizer, with the Reguengos de Monsaraz City Council, and also with the support of the local partners União de Freguesias de Campo e Campinho and Associação Gente Nova de Campinho, Andanças is thus anchored by the idyllic waters of Alqueva for a new beginning. Inspired by this enchanting region and by the new community that welcomes it, Andanças thus begins the relationship with the place that will now be its place. It is also the place of all who are part of it and this is the reason to make a special edition in 2021, dedicated to this new beginning, to this new path, proposing to show the region to Andantes and, at the same time, to show Andanças concept to the region.

“A Caminhar para o Andanças”: a special edition in 2021


“A Caminhar para o Andanças” is the idea that marks the return of the Andanças Festival, in a special edition, in 2021, in Campinho (Reguengos de Monsaraz), on August 21st and 22nd. Unlike the initial proposal, which pointed to five days of programming, the current context forced Associação PédeXumbo to think about a transformed format, adapted to the possibilities of holding a music and dance festival in a pandemic situation. This edition marks not only the return of the festival, but the will to continue and resist in face of all the limitations that come from the current situation. It will be a weekend dedicated to the festival and its new home, with two days of activities that, far from the usual Andanças program that we all know, celebrate this new partnership with Reguengos de Monsaraz and mark the festival’s arrival in a new territory, full of riches and charms that you will discover. This special edition will have capacity for only 60 participants, the number found to comply with all safety rules imposed by the DGS.

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Two days of tours to discover the region


“A Caminhar para o Andanças” proposes two days for four tours, which will introduce the region, its landscapes, its handicrafts, its gastronomy, among other arts, with moments of talk between local agents and festival coordinators, in a fusion of languages ​​that put the territory in dialogue with the pillars of the Andanças Festival. These meetings will take place between the urban space and nature bathed by the waters of the great Lake of Alqueva, without forgetting moments featuring music and dance.

In addition to the activities proposed in the program, participants can also enjoy other activities that the region offers visitors, such as hiking to discover the local fauna and flora, bicycle tours, boat trips in Alqueva, among other water sports. They can also take a dip in the river beaches of Alqueva and enjoy a rest in one of the most tranquil landscapes in Portugal, while they wait for the great spectacle, which arrives after sunset: observe the Alqueva sky at the Official Dark Sky Observatory.

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