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In Andanças we are together!

We are family for seven days, immersed in dance, music, friendship, community, walks, tradition, nature and dreams.


From the 4th to the 10th August we will form a World Family, where individual creativity will overflow into the collective and into Póvoa e Meada’s Dam, a space that we will occupy once more. We will create a human tapestry that will connect us with our surroundings. Branch into new ideas, concepts, thoughts for a better world, like a blossoming tree. We will become a human constellation, connected by the intense days lived together.

In its twenty-fourth edition, Andanças remains an ageless festival. A space for meeting, learning and discovering.

The Return

Andanças is back to Póvoa e Meadas Dam, the same space that welcomed us in 2013 and where the festival grew until 2016, when a fire in the car park destroyed more than 400 vehicles. The following two years, we resized the festival and embraced Castelo de Vide village.

The desire to return to the banks of Póvoa e Meadas Dam, to the embrace of the shady trees and to a more natural landscape, never left us, and 2019 marks the year in which we gather the conditions to return. It is a return to the space, but also a return to the format by which Andanças is known.

So Andanças will continue to be an independent Festival. Andanças of those who make it happen, of those who participate in it. Andanças with a diverse and rich program that offers children and adults alike activities ranging from dance workshops, music, personal development, fine arts, gastronomy and excursions, concerts and balls – in a format in which the audiences participate, eager for new experiences.

Andanças lived by all, as a Family.

Seven Day Festival

Back with a seven-day format, this year’s Andanças starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday, so everyone can settle in with plenty of time, a depart calmly. Seven days where we can dance in the middle of nature, learn a new dance,  try local products form Andanças Market, discover local history and landscape, rest in the shade with our feet inside a refreshing stream, to be in family in Alentejo.


In this edition we want to keep the quality and diversity in programmed activities and perpetuate the concept of the Andanças as a place for experience and creation.

“In Andanças we find our family, either through friends we make there, or that will come with us. A timeless and whole Family.”

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