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The first phase of selling online Andanças’s general passes with discount takes place from April 14th to 21st

Photo: Juliano Mattos

The first phase of selling online general passes with discount takes place from April 14th to 21st on our website Festival Andanças. 


By purchasing an Andanças Ticket you are contributing for…

* Developing a space where beneficial environmental and social practices can be experienced and disseminated;

* Keeping Andanças free from brands, advertising and merchandising;

* Helping the construction of stages, infrastructures, paths, showers, sanitary installations, piping and power supply all over the festival grounds, which is a large area with constraints arising from its location in nature;

* Ensuring the compensation of the artists, who fill the program of Andanças and take you on a journey through cultures and countries right on the festival grounds;

* Allowing the provision of the Andanças canteen with local products, thus stimulating the local economy and traditional trades, preferring small producers even if that means higher costs;;

* The execution of all essential tasks for the development of a festival on a large scale, ensuring the well being of participants while also aiming to respect and protect the environment during all stages of the event.


All information about the festival ticket office here.

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