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Andanças Festival sprouts in Campinho, between the 18th and 21st of August!

In 2022, Andanças Festival is back and so is dancing! The festival, organized by PédeXumbo Association, sprouts in Campinho, from the 18th to the 21st of August, into the sound of music, the rhythm of dance, and the taste of cultures and our arms meeting again.

In 2021, we started «A Caminhar para o Andanças» [“Walking to Andanças”], in a special edition to get to know the region and to point forward to the festival’s future, with several meetings and conversations where we exchanged some seeds to germinate. Today, Andanças is borning again and taking roots in Central Alentejo with strength, energy and evergreen trees, to bring back the four pillars of the festival, Dance&Music, Volunteering, Community and Sustainability. This year, with the partnership of the Municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz and the villages of Campo e Campinho. we set a meeting between the 18th and 21st of August, for four days of the Andanças spirit, in an edition inspired by this charming region and its community.

The Andanças Festival offers four days of a program with different activities throughout the day and for all ages. This edition is not only marked by the return of dance, but also by the return of the children’s space with activities for families. There will be no shortage of parallel workshops, with proposals for crafts and other challenges, short stories sessions and “Cinema for all”! The morning starts with relaxation workshops and others to wake up the body for the dancing moments that will follow that ones! At the end of the afternoon, we will have the opportunity to stretch, keep dancing or to relax into the sound of music. Concerts and shows will complete the program so we can truly listen. Yes it is! The balls fill the night so we can freely dance. During these four days, lovers of travel and hiking will also have the opportunity to get to know the region with the proposals of the local program, which will also show the gastronomy, handicrafts and local customs.

And as always, it will be a participated festival! Applications for proposals for artistic programming take place from April 1st to 17th and applications for volunteering open from June 1st to 10th.

The first phase of selling online general passes with discount takes place from April 14th to 21st on our website Festival Andanças. All information about the festival ticket office here.

Andanças has a new instagram page, follow @festival.andancas to get updated news!

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