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Developing a place, where beneficial environmental and social practices can be experienced and disseminated;

To keep Andanças free from brands, advertising and merchandising;




Help the construction of stages, infrastructures, paths, showers, sanitary installations, piping and power supply all over the festival grounds, an area of about 40 hectares with constraints arising from its location in a natural park;

Ensure the compensation of about 600 artists, who fill the program of Andanças and take you on a journey through cultures and countries right on the festival grounds;

Allow the provision of the Andanças canteen with local products, which stimulates the local economy and traditional trades, preferring small producers even if that means higher costs;

The execution of all essential tasks for the development of a festival on a large scale,  ensuring the well being of participants but also aiming to respect and protect the environment during all stages of the event;



New – 2019 Edition

Family Andanças Pass

Valid for any multiple purchases from 3 up to 10 “Seven Day Passes”  



29 march – 30 de april



1 may – 31 may110€



1 june – 30 june120€
1 july – 31 july




Daily Tickets30€
Castelo de Vide Residents7€
Portalegre Residents10€



Tickets “Andanças Families” – ONLINE SALE

In this edition dedicated to the theme “Families” we want you to come to Andanças with your family! But as a “Family”, this year is a great and special word, where friends, parents, children, cousins, uncles, brothers, colleagues, neighbors and anyone else you may want to bring with you to this great party, we are offering the possibility of buying tickets at a reduced price during the online purchase period. From three seven day passes, up to a maximum of 10 (in a single purchase), the cost will be 100€ per person (12 years including free entry). This year, there are no excuses: let’s all go to Andanças!


Local Tickets

Residents from the District of Portalegre and the Municipality of Castelo de Vide have access to the festival at a reduced price. It will not be possible to purchase Local Tickets online store but only at the festival ticket office. For this purpose, you must be accompanied with your ID, the address that will validate the discount will be the tax address in your ID.

Bilhetes Gratuitos

O Andanças é gratuito para crianças até aos 12 anos ou que completem 13 anos durante o festival. A sua entrada estará salvaguardada mediante a apresentação de bilhete válido por parte dos familiares ou acompanhantes, não requerendo inscrição prévia.

Apenas com documento de identificação oficial será possível a entrega de pulseira.

Daily Tickets

In the first three phases of online sales, daily tickets will not be available, these can be purchased in the following phases and during Andanças, depending on the festival capacity. These tickets allow participants to attend the festival only for 1 or more days (not having to purchase the 7-day pass).

Night Tickets

Only available at the Festival.

Limited Capacity

For security reasons and in order to enable well-being and confort for all participants, Andanças has a limited capacity.


The following are entitled to a 20% discount over the full cost of the ticket:

– All members and students of PédeXumbo Association as well as all partner associations.

-These tickets are only available at the Festival

– This discount cannot be accumulated with other discounts.


Access to the camping area is exclusive to people with a valid wristband. For example, participants with a ticket for Wednesday will only be able to access the camping on the night from Wednesday to Thursday.


At the Festival, participants have at their disposal Andanças Canteen as well as bars  and restaurants.

Other Platforms for online sales

In 2019 to facilitate the purchase of tickets for those who come from abroad, or to allow an integrated experience where when buying the Andanças Pass you can also book accommodation, we joined the SeeTicket and the Festicket. You can buy tickets through our platform, but also, on these two platforms.

Ticket Office

This is where the bracelet is acquired, which allows access to the whole venue, programmed areas and infrastructures of the festival, including the camping site.


The opening times of the ticket office will be confirmed soon.


Tickets purchased in advance will only be exchanged for the wristbands from 8:00 p.m. on August 3, and for the exchange you must be accompanied by proof of purchase (ticket or email received after the payment made, which must be printed) and their identification.


Access to the campsite is forbidden to all those who do not have a valid bracelet – after the expiry of your bracelet, you are not allowed to enter any area of ​​the festival and the exit of the camping will have to be made until 12.00. 


Andanças is built by everyone, whether artists, volunteers or  participants. Each one contributes in a unique way, making possible the days of dance, music, sharing and partying.

©2019 Copyright, all rights by PédeXumbo
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