Dancing for 20 years
Since 1998, PédeXumbo works for the promotion of traditional music and dance. A professional team is dedicated to recover these cultural practises by means of registers, co-productions, artistic creations, research, teacher training, and informal education of audiences of all ages.
It is not about safeguarding relics though. PédeXumbo works on reviving social habits of living the music, by reproducing traditional balls. This way, old practises will be passed on to new generations.
What we do
On our own premises in Évora, the regular programme includes dance and music workshops, concerts, balls, and events for a diverse audience. We organise festivals throughout the country, Andanças being the most well-known. We hold regular dance lessons with schools and pre-schools, organise community projects of artistic education, and promote training efforts related to various forms of traditional dance.
Together with a number of international partners we play a pioneering role in creating new dance event formats, exploring social dance concepts, interactions, rituals, creativity, contemporaneity and tradition. In collaboration with higher education institutes we are working on research of ethnic choreography and published various books and documentaries.
Commitment letter of PX
At PédeXumbo, we believe that it is possible to contribute to a better world and more sustainable lifestyles. This is possible when people assume an attentive and responsible attitude in their social and cultural activities. This attitude manifests itself in four pillars – social, cultural, environmental and economical – and is based on the following principles, which represent our conscience way of living:
01. Joy, well-being and the celebration of life 02. Connection to and respect for nature 03. A culture of communication and participation 04. Simplicity and creativity 05. Holistic education and development of conscience 06. Best use of resources and support of local economy 07. Reduction of the ecological footprint 08. Organisational culture and responsible lifestyles 09. Social responsibility and community development 10. Multicultural global village *Approved at the General Assembly on 29 May 2011 Download the commitment letter of PX
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