Health Tips
Here are the suggestions of the Health Team, who will be at Andanças to so you enjoy it to the maximum:
We're here for you! Call us!
The Andanças emergency number is 800 918 857. You can also come to us. You have a small health area available next to the Horizonte Stage and you will always have members of our team, properly identified, circulating around the premises. We are also a call away, use the emergency number!
Use your mug! Drink lots of water!
It is essential to be hydrated to fully enjoy Andanças. High temperatures are expected in Castelo de Vide and dancing also causes you to lose liquids. Throughout the grounds you will find water points where you can use your mug to drink fresh water. Drink, even if you are not thirsty because your body may be slow to give you this indication (especially in the middle of that African workshop ...)
Protect yourself from the Sun
The sun is a source of energy, but anything that is too much can be harmful. Avoid walking in the sun during the hours of greatest exposure (11am to 5pm). When you are in the sun, protect your skin with sunscreen and wear cool, comfortable clothes. Wear a hat, and do not forget that little ones have very sensitive skins!
Dance with your feet, but protect them!
Your feet are what binds you to the ground and what allows you to dance, so you have to treat them well. Wear comfortable, breathable shoes, but avoid stones or sand that cause discomfort. The terrain can be quite irregular and have some obstacles, so avoid walking barefoot. If you have new shoes, wear them before you reach Andanças, to ensure that they become comfortable.
Take care of yourself and everyone.
Dance is very important, but to rest is important too. Make sure you rest (and drink water) between workshops. In the morning, a massage or a moment of meditation will also help you prepare another great day. If you have a small wound, wash it immediately with drinking water and use a disinfectant solution. Put on a band aid, and get back to dance fast! Andanças is sharing and therefore if you see someone in difficulties, help them. That includes not leaving them alone and making sure someone else comes to help.
Integrate with Nature, but protect yourself from insects!
The festival takes place in the village of Castelo de Vide! There may be insects, so try to protect yourself by using repellents, or by protecting your arms and legs in light clothing. Make sure you close the mosquito net from your tent when you sleep (insects is the kind of company you will not want!).
Enjoy yourself a lot, but drink in moderation!
Portugal is known as an excellent wine producer, and beer is also a guaranteed presence, in addition to the other types of alcohol you can find at the festival. Avoid drinking too much because nobody wants to lose "that" dance workshop because of a friend who did not know how to take care of himself ... and a hangover is a total waste of time! It is also important to remember that in addition to drinking you also have to eat and alcohol dehydrates and therefore must be compensated with fresh water! So enjoy yourself, but avoid abuses.
Take away unwanted guests!
Coughing and sneezing are not part of the Andanças program, but if you find them, protect yourself and others. In these situations, cover your mouth with a tissue - or the elbow! - but not with your hands, which in the next moment may touch another person ... Also remember to always wash your hands with water and soap before and after you go to the bathroom and always before eating to avoid having to interrupt your dances to run to "calls from nature."
Accumulate energy!
Adequate food is essential for a body that is full of energy. Makes small but frequent meals. You have at your disposal Cantina and several Tascos where you can get delicious food.
Sharing love
Give a hug to your neighbor, a kiss those who are in the queue to the Cantin and affection to your loved one. If you want to share even more intimacy, make sure they use proper protection! Free distribution at the Health Post and other points of the festival.
Get ready!
Before you go to Castelo de Vide prepare a small basic SOS kit with sunscreen, insect repellent, disinfectant solution, compresses and quick dressings and tweezers to help you remove the unwanted peaks or barbs. It also includes some non-prescription medications for headaches, heartburn, vomiting or diarrhea. And if you do some usual medication, do not forget to bring enough for more than a week. If you need to be protected from the heat, leave it with us in the Health Area in a closed and identified bag.
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