In Andanças'17 - around the village, there are several options where you can taste the local gastronomy: a Canteen, Restaurants, Bars and "Tasquinhas", as well as the various restaurants, bars and grocery stores in Castelo de Vide.
Andanças Canteen
This year Andanças happens in a smaller format and Andanças Canteen has a limit of daily meals due to the infrastructures available. There was, therefore, the need to establish a maximum number of meals, giving priority to all those who help build the festival. So, this year, we will have fewer daily meals for sale.

To ensure we have food for all we are counting the number of meals provided per day and period (breakfast, lunch and dinner). To ensure this the meal tickets specify the day of the week and the meal and can not be used in other periods. This rule applies to all festival participants (coordinators, artists, volunteers and the general public).

The passwords distributed during the assembly period (until the dinner of the 7 August), are not valid for the days of the festival.

For those who have bought online meals, we ask that you fill the online questionnaire with the meals and days you wish to book, otherwise it will be subject to the existing stock when the meal tickets are distributed.

Andanças online questionnaire for Andanças 2017 meals.

It is strictly forbidden to sell meal tickets outside authorized and properly identified points.

- Traditional and vegetarian meals

Breakfast: 08:00 to 10:30
Lunch: 12:00 to 15:30
Dinner: 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Prices during the festival (subject to the limit of daily meals):
- Breakfast: € 2,50
- Lunch / Dinner: € 6.00
(Soup, main course, piece of fruit, 1 glass of juice or wine)

Restaurants, Bars and "Tasquinhas"
There is also a restaurant area with different offers, ranging from the traditional gastronomy of the region, to the flavors of the world, with traditional foods and drinks and vegan and vegetarian options as well as many options in Castelo de Vide.
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