Andanças 2017
Around the Village
During the years, Andanças has been growing in size and in number of programme options, as well as in number of people who make it their festival. This growth reflects the spirit of those who participated in an event where one can simply be, can dance, learn, spend time with family, and be part of
In 2016 a fire broke out. In addition to changes in everyone who witnessed it, it inevitably changed the dynamics of the realisation of Andanças. It was incentive to reflect and rethink the festival's existence, its future and the organising association, Pédexumbo. We are not indifferent to this incident, nor could we be.
After an effort of reflection and analysis, which was shared with people who created Andanças along the years, we decided that it would make sense to reduce the size of the festival in 2017.
It does also make sense to continue believing in its values, in its pillars, in the people that create the festival, in the human power and the sharing that characterises Andanças, and which goes beyond  the time and space of the festival. It makes sense to guarantee a future for Andanças and we know that the edition of 2017 is crucial on this path of continuity. This responsibility was paramount in the decision to have a smaller edition of the festival this year. This vision gives a meaning and a place to Andanças 2017 – “Em Redor da Vila” (Around the Village).
During four days, from 8 to 11 August, the town of Castelo de Vide will be host, as well as one of the stages, of this year's edition. The format will be recognisable by all and will be based on the pillars of Andanças – dance and music, volunteering, community and sustainability. This edition will keep the quality and programme diversity high and will maintain the concept of the festival as laboratory for ideas, experiences and creations, as well as source of dreams and moments of synergies.
Andanças 2017
The main festival area is a limited space, and to guarantee comfort and safety of participants and festival quality there will be a limited capacity of 1750 people per day. 

The online sales phase for the acquisition of the 4-day pass has finished on July 30 and there are still tickets available. There have been numerous calls from the public asking us to facilitate the purchase of daily tickets in advance, so in order to avoid the possibility of traveling to Andanças and not being able to buy a ticket because they are sold out, the organization has decided to sell daily tickets online from  31st july to 4th August, as well as 4 day passes. The organization will inform on the site and social networks if the maximum capacity is reached on any of the days.
Andanças is a festival for families. This year's edition intends to keep this spirit and stand out in this direction. Besides the main stages, there again will be a space for our little participants, with a programme that doesn't only appeal to children, but also to adults. 

Among several programmed spaces  the main venue will be in the old shooting range, offering panoramic views over the surrounding landscape, as well as several spots with trees and shades. In this area there will be three stages for balls and wokshops, space for Families and Children, parallel activities as well as lounge areas and a bar. 

Tightening links with the community, ther will be a free program that will happen in the Bandstand in the village, in Cineteatro Mouzinho da Silveira, in  S. Francisco church, and in the streets of Castelo de Vide and also in Póvoa e Meadas. The Market and the Food Stalls will also be accessible to all.
At Andanças 2017 there will be no shortage of dance and music either. There will be a constant invitation to experience and share through these forms of expression

One more edition of Andanças will be created through sharing. A characteristic and unique concept of volunteering remains one of the pillars the festival rests on, which guides and distinguishes this as a festival of all of us.

In this edition we also want to maintain a space free of pollution, where we will promote and disseminate good social, economic and environmental practises. Use of the Andanças mug is a milestone of the festival and this year we would like to see the Andanças mug go beyond the limits of the festival grounds, into Castelo de Vide, from street to street, from bar to bar, from fountain to fountain, from toast to toast; as a symbol of our journey towards a better world..

Andanças is more than a dance and music festival. It's a place where we feel united, where we learn, share, experience and live. But Andanças is not only a place. Andanças is people. Andanças is within us.
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