Dogs at Andanças
Once again, our 4-legged friends are welcome to the Andanças, but we recommend you think first of your dog's welfare before deciding to bring it to the Festival. In August, in Castelo de Vide, the temperature can reach very high values, above 40 degrees, and this year, with the festival happening in urban space, its your dog will not have space to run and walk freely, having  always to be on a leash. So you have to be very careful with the heat, with sunburns and make sure your dog is always in a leash. Then there is also the loud music in the successive concerts and workshops, the circulation of many people, the dust, which are some of the factors that can cause stress in your dog. Our recommendation this year is to leave your friend in the care of a friend or relative, as there will also be fewer days of Andanças. Bring your 4-legged friend to Andanças only in last resort. 
Please also consider the behaviour of your furry friend and the expected behaviour and reaction at Andanças. Make sure:
•    that your dog behaves well towards strangers and other dogs;
•    that you know the reaction of your dog to this kind of environment; 
•    that your dog is well trained and follows when called;
•    that your dog can stay quietly in the tent without barking at the slightest disturbance;
•    that your dog does not mark its territory everywhere, including neighbouring tents.
These points might seem insignificant but they are essential for a harmonic gathering of humans and non-humans at Andanças with which both are comfortable.
•    Registration (including identification of the dog, hand out of the wristband, payment of deposit and signature of the Statement of Responsibility) – 09:00 to 20:00.
•    Registration is only necessary for dogs which stay at the festival grounds;
•    Dogs are not allowed to enter the festival during the night (from 20:00).
•    The registration is done at the reception of the ESPAÇO CÃO.
•    Microchip;
•    Payment of deposit;
•    Statement of Responsibility;
•    Wristband with contact of responsible person (attached to collar).
•    Dogs are not allowed: at the stages/dance areas and inside the canteen;
•    Camping: The owners are allowed to stay with their dogs in any of the camping areas.
•    Social area: In this area with various gastronomy stands dog owners need to pay special attention in order to make sure everyone is comfortable. The same applies for the canteen area and the Espaço Criança.
•    The owners have to clean up after their dogs at all times; 
•    Dogs have to be kept on a leash to avoid fights and other conflicts which might cause discomfort for others.
This is a quiet area with shade where you can leave your dog safe and with company for a limited period of time, while you relax and enjoy some of the activities Andanças has to offer. 
•    Reservation and reception of the dogs – 14:00 to 01:00.
•    The reservation for a certain time period needs to be done at least 24 hours in advance;
•    There are only 6 places available;
•    In case there are free places, the subscription can be done on the same day;
•    Each place can only be used for a maximum of 5 hours a day;
•    If the owner does not claim the reserved place it will be available for other users, after 30 minutes tolerance time;
•    The owner is responsible for the supply of food and bowls for water and food;
•    The owner is responsible for leaving the place clean after use;
•    If the owner is delayed by more than 30 minutes after the agreed pick up time, the owner cannot reserve a place again.
•    Abandoned dogs, either in the Espaço Cão or anywhere in the festival grounds, will be sent to the official dog shelter of the municipality, if it is not possible to get in touch with the owners;
•    In the case of any incident related to the loss of control over your dog, both, dog and owner, have to leave the festival.

Don't forget to make the well-being of your dog your priority before you decide to bring it to the festival!

Subscribe you four-legged friend HERE.

Vets in Portalegre
•    RURALVET- Atividades Veterinárias Lda.
7320-203 Castelo de Vide
Tlf. 245 905 539

•    VETAL – Clínica Veterinária do Alto Alentejo
Rua Comandante José Maria Ceia, 20 - Portalegre
7300-056 Portalegre
Tlf. 245 341 097 / 92 781 8000

•    CLILEGRE - Clínica Veterinária de Portalegre
Rua Doutor Martinho Azevedo Coutinho, 16-A, Portalegre
7300-817 Portalegre
Tlf. 245 204 040 / 96 305 9125

Av. Calouste Gulbenkian, lote 2, Campo Maior
Rua de Olivença, n.º 22B, Arronches
Tlf. 964114995/ 268686715

•    CLINISÔR- Clínica Veterinária de Ponte de Sôr, Lda.
Rua Vasco da Gama 16-r/c, Ponte de Sôr
7400-280 Ponte de Sôr
Tlf. 242 202 662 

Rua 13 de Dezembro, nº 39 7370-059 Campo Maior 
Telf. 268689506/ 969138558

Rua Madrid 6,2º-D, Elvas
7350-156 ELVAS
Tlf. 268084279
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