Andanças is shaped by everyone, artists, as well as volunteers and normal participants: everyone contributes in a unique way and makes those days of dancing, music, sharing and celebration possible. 

The edition of 2017 will keep the structure and identity of Andanças, but in a smaller format, nevertheless in a format that will be recognisable. We adjusted all areas of the festival to its new capacity of 1750 people and the new location in the town of Castelo de Vide. In 2017 we will keep the quality and diversity of the programme high, continuing the concept of Andanças as a laboratory of ideas, experiences, creation, as origin of dreams and moments of synergies.
By buying a ticket for Andanças you are contributing to:
— Developing a space for experimenting with and disseminating of good environmental and social practices;
— Allowing Andanças to be free of brands, advertisements and merchandising;
— Support participation of artists who fill the programme of Andanças and offer a journey through cultures and parts of the world within the festival ground;
— Construction of stages, infrastructure, showers, toilets, canalisation, electrical supply at the new Andanças location; 
 — Supply the Andanças canteen with local products, stimulating local economy and traditional trade, with preference of small producers, even if this causes higher expenses for the organisation;
— Execution of all tasks related to the organisation of a large-scale festival, which is governed by principles of well-being and respect for the environment in all its stages. 
The edition of Andanças'17 - around the Village, has a  limited capacity to 1750 people. For this reason, and in order to not impede the acquisition of the 4-day passes, we didn't sell daily tickets online. The online sales phase for the acquisition of the 4-day pass has finished on July 30 and there are still tickets available. There have been numerous calls from the public asking us to facilitate the purchase of daily tickets in advance, so in order to avoid the possibility of traveling to Andanças and not being able to buy a ticket because they are sold out, the organization has decided to sell daily tickets online, as well as 4 day passes from  31st july to 4th August. The organization will inform on the site and social networks if the maximum capacity is reached on any of the days. If you want to secure your trip to Andanças'17, this is the opportunity to buy your daily ticket in advance.

Social Tickets – Families
Families with two or more children between the ages of 13 and 18 years get a discount of 25% of the ticket price. The discount is subject to some form of identification. It is not possible to buy family tickets in the online shop, but only at the local box office of the festival. 
Discounts can not be combined.
Local Tickets
Residents of the District of Portalegre and the Municipality of Castelo de Vide have access to the festival at a reduced rate.
Local Tickets cannot be purchased in the online shop, but only at the local box office of the festival providing official proof of address (official ID, driving license). The discount is only available with proof of address.
Free Tickets
Andanças is free for children aged 12 years or younger, or which turn 13 during the festival. Their entry is guaranteed when their parents ou guardians present a valid ticket, not requiring a previous inscription. 
The wristband is only handed out if an official identification document is presented.
Day Tickets
During Andanças, the sale of Day Tickets opens daily for participants who want to stay for one or more days, and do not have a four-day pass.
Day Tickets are only sold at the local box office of the festival.
Night Tickets
Night tickets are not available for this edition of the festival. 
Limited capacity
For security reasons and to assure the comfort and well-being of all participants, the capacity of Andanças is limited. This edition has a limit of 1750 participants per day. When this limit is reached, the ticket sale will be suspended.
The following can avail of 20% discount:
—Members and students of the Association PédeXumbo and partner associations.
Participants with discount have to buy their tickets at the local box office.
Discounts can not be combined.
Access to the camping area of Andanças is exclusive for people with wristbands which are valid for the day. For example, participants with tickets for Wednesday can only access the camping area at night from Wednesday to Thursday. 

This year, because Andanças will be very close to Castelo de Vide village center, the space reserved for camping will not be enough to accommodate all the participants. For this reason, the Municipal Council of Castelo de Vide has allowed cantonment in the Gymnasium Pavilion for which it is necessary to reserve space and to bring mattress and sleeping bag (this space hosts about 250 people). If you wish to reserve space send us an email There will also be a campervan area
Close to the festival grounds, participants can find the Andanças canteen, as well as bars, snack bars and restaurants. In the Andanças canteen, meals consist of soup, bread, main course (omnivore or vegetarian), drink and fruit. The online sale of meal vouchers is done in four stages, with a limited number of meal vouchers available per stage.

3 to 30 April: Meal 5,40€ / Breakfast: 2,00€
1 to 28 May: Meal 5,80€ / Breakfast: 2,10€
29 May to 25 June: Meal 6,00€ / Breakfast: 2,50€
26 June to 30 July: Meal 6,00€ / Breakfast: 2,50€
Andanças: Meal 6,00€ / Breakfast: 2,50€

Meal vouchers can not be refunded.
Limited capacity of meals:
There is a limited number of meals available during this edition of the festival. Per day, 100 breakfasts, 200 lunches, and 200 dinners are available for participants. Upon arrival at the festival, you should notify the organisation when you want to use pre-ordered meals.  Failure to mark the meal vouchers for certain days might result in shortages and denial of service.
Local Box Office
In the local box office you can buy the wristbands which grant you access to the festival grounds, programme area and infrastructures of the festival, including the camping area.

Opening hours: 7 of August: 20:00 – 02:00 (8 of August) || all other days: 08:00 – 00:00 (following day)

At the box office journalists can also exchange credentials (Social Communication).

Pre-purchased tickets are exchanged for wristbands from 20:00 of 7th august. For this you need to bring proof of payment (ticket or confirmation email after payment, printed copy) and a form of ID.

Access to the camping area is only allowed for people with a valid wristband. After expiry of your wristband you are not allowed to enter any of the festival areas. You should leave the camping area before 12:00 noon on the day after the expiry of your wristband.

It is only possible to pick up wristbands (either pre-paid or purchased at the box office) on the first day of your participation at the festival.
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