The camping site of the festival will be close to the natural park of São Mamede. It is a beautiful place with forests, a unique landscape and a particularly rich and precious ecosystem.
Camping at Andanças is divided in different neighbourhoods, or Bairros:
Bairro da Chula, Corridinho e Vira

This neighbourhood consists of various areas with many trees, terraces and magical corners.

Bairro das Saias
This area is for everyone who likes to go to bed early and wakes up with the sun.
Here, silence is mandatory from 11 pm to 7:30 am, when the kids and their families and neighbours wake up.
This area is not exclusively for families but for anyone who wakes up and goes to bed early.

Bairro Pingacho
This separate camping area with complete infrastructure is for all those who arrive at Andanças by caravan or van. It is located outside the festival grounds next to the dammed lake and has the capacity to accommodate 100 caravans.

Bairro Farrapeira
This neighbourhood is reserved for volunteers and the organisation staff, all those who arrive before the beginning of the festival and leave after its end.

Bairro Chamarrita
This neighbourhood is exclusively for artists participating in Andanças. It is located in the Área da Encosta Sul, providing peaceful sleep for those who make the party!

We need to take responsibility for this region and the fragile ecosystem by taking some basic precautions. Therefore, for your own safety and in the interest of everyone:
— it is forbidden to make fires;
— it is forbidden to light candles or other lighting, that could cause fires;
— it is forbidden to break branches;
— do not cook close to the tents – there is a community kitchen which can be used by the festival participants;
— only occupy the space you need – there are many participants and we cannot occupy the whole forest.

The camping opens on 31st July.

Set-up of tents at the camping area:
— Opening hours: from 9 am to 8 pm
— After 8 pm tents can be mounted at a temporary camping area which will be assigned in due time.
— If you arrive after 8 pm and only want to buy a ticket for the next day you can camp at the temporary camp site, but cannot participate in any of the festival activities that night. However, you can buy a night ticket to enjoy all activities of the nigh.

The festival camping is a free service for everyone with a valid ticket for Andanças. All camping areas have access to toilets and showers. After midnight, silence is mandatory on the whole camping site.
Camping Kitchen
For participants who want to prepare their own meals, we provide a cooking area with sinks, seating area and room to prepare your food. This is the only place on the whole festival grounds, where it is allowed to make fire.
Grocery Store
Fresh products, vegetables, milk, bread and cheese... but also lamps, sun screens and soap. At the grocery store of Andanças you can find a bit of everything, for an out-of-home experience but still with everything you might need. The store is close to the camping area and serves also as a gathering point.
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