Pédexumbo – Association to Promote Music and Dance
PédeXumbo (PX) is a Portuguese association, working since 1998 to promote music and traditional dance, not only from Portugal but also of other origin. A professional team is dedicated to the recovery and dissemination of cultural practices by means of records, co-productions, artistic creations and research as well as through formal and informal education for all ages. PédeXumbo also organizes festivals all over Portugal and regular events in its own facilities in Évora: workshops, concerts and balls for various audiences.
At our festivals we put into practice the philosophy of a culture of participation and of learning by doing. To learn the dances, music and instruments stimulates the participants and the artists to dance and play. Sustainable practices and volunteering are applied during the festivals with the objectives of: the recovery of local dances, community activities, the exchange of musical repertoires and the organization of large events with all possible kinds of dances. Every event is supported by local partners. In logistics and the organization of the program we are working together with the local people. From 3-day festivals with about 500 to 2000 participants (Entrudanças, Festival do Solstício, Tocar de Ouvido, Planície Mediterrânica and Danças na Água) to the Festival Andanças: lasting 7 days and hosting 25.000 participants.
Although Portugal has extensive records of music and instruments, which are also well documented, there are only few systematic studies about traditional dances. Therefore we continuously invest in research and dissemination of them. In partnership with academic institutions and specialists we are trying to fill this gap in the Portuguese history of dances.
Educational sector
PédeXumbo works closely with all kinds of audiences, especially in Évora, its home. There are dance classes for children and teenagers, seniors, disabled persons, young adults and parents, as well as informal meetings to practice singing, music and movement.
Along the year we are organizing training courses, with invited specialists from Portugal or abroad, for trainer or people who want to improve their pedagogic skills and their knowledge about dances and movement. Besides, there are regular instrument workshops and meetings of musicians and we are encouraging the musical education with an instrument grant.
Artistic creation
At PédeXumbo we believe, that the best way to bring traditional dances into everyday lives is, to integrate it into artistic and musical creations that attract the public. For this, we are offering to artists the opportunity to become professional in this area. PX regularly supports the edition of CDs, DVDs, books but also the housing and co-productions of groups willing to work on the traditional repertoire in an innovative way: music with rediscovered traditional instruments, plays of contemporary dance, creations with video-jockeying and electronic music... There are no limits for creativity!
The world of PX: Partnerships & Decentralization
For several years we are collaborating with various institutions with whom we join forces to innovate and find better results. We receive volunteers from the European Voluntary Service (EVS). Furthermore, PX is an active member of the Anna Lindh Foundation (promoting the dialogue between countries in the Mediterranean region). We are working, among others, with partners in Turkey, Morocco, Spain, Hungary and Italy. Besides, we are organizing cultural activities outside the large urban centers of Portugal and we are helping other organizations and groups to realize their own activities all over the country. 
PédeXumbo is funded by the Ministry of Culture / DGArtes.

And supported by the City Council of Évora.

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