Artistic installations
Due to its natural characteristics, large boulders, hidden corners, magical clearings and old ruins, the Andanças festival grounds, at Barragem de Póvoa e Meadas, offer unique beauty and natural surroundings that interact harmonically with artistic installations. 
Art installations 2016:  
20 Andante was especially created for the celebration of 20 years Andanças. Following the invitation by PédeXumbo, Glocalmusic designed a set of 20 sound objects in harmony with the place, creating a trail of sensory experiences. The objects give second lives to materials left over from the construction of the festival. Each sound installation is intended to interact with the people and the landscape, establishing new connections with the world and creating awareness.  
Biography: Glocalmusic Glocalmusic is a group of "culture makers" - musicians and artists, creators, researchers, trainers. They work for the development of musical creativity, which they interpret as absolute creative liberty. Creativity originates in liberty and at the same time generates it. Glocalmusic, forum for the development of creative music is organised as a cooperative and is active in different areas of the country. They create networks between people who want to make music a tool for experimentation and discovery which is accessible for everyone. 
Paradise Trees 
The installation of the Paradise Trees is inspired by the Celtic tree, the world tree that connects the earth with the sky, passing on wisdom, power, protection, beauty, goodness and redemption. The objective of the Paradise Trees is to create a space of well-being and meditation, where the spectator finds love, peace and wisdom in each detail of the installation. 
Different objects are installed in the crown and contribute harmoniously to this aim. Other elements of various shapes and colours are arranged along the trunk and invite participants to enjoy a moment in harmony with nature, as well as the exploration and contemplation of the paradise tree
The tree, the sky, the paradise which everyone defines differently. And the many manifestations of love which coexist and share one common root. 
Biography: M.A.L.A. is a group of artists with the intention of affecting people with their art and thus enrich the world. It is a dynamic movement open to any form of artistic or social expression which is a product of the transition of time and uses art as a weapon of change. M.A.L.A. claims the status of artist as a profession and in parallel they aim to intervene in the transformation of public spaces. There are many channels for the artistic transmutation: graphic design, interior design, plastic arts, digital arts, architecture, photography, illustration, comics or therapeutic arts. Within M.A.L.A. synergies are formed to create something new, which will be part of the journey of changing times.
Cradle of the Forest
"Planting trees while awaiting the eagles’ return is an image of the future economy. The economy of seduction must be replaced by the economy of love. The art of seduction must be replaced by the art of love. “Business art” must be replaced by spiritual art." Alan Tod.
The main theme of this work is to plant a forest. To plant a forest so the world can find back to its pictorial possibilities and its dialogue with reality. This forest is magic, in its romantic form as well as in its purpose of regulating climate, of expanding, of feeding humans and animals, and of healing them. It is a sprawling forest attempting to cover the globe. The spirit of the Forest awakens.  
The Forest is a botanical and scenic forest. It is planted in bare or unused land and is the reconstitution of a virgin land inaccessible to man.
The magic forest consists mostly of native trees, but some are of imported species respecting their rarity in the ecosystem. The objective of the Forest is mainly to purify the air and to offer a picturesque landscape. Under the trees flowers and greenery, medical and edible herbs are growing. These forests are planted to shape a landscape and paint a picture of nature. Part of the forest is inviolable, inaccessible to man.
Biography:  Alan Tod is a fictional artist born with this pseudonym who signed the novel Le petit peintre (The little painter), written by Julien Isoré in 2014. This novel depicts the artistic and biographic choices of Julien Isoré between 1980 and 2014, expressing his approach on art in general. His works also expose his ethical views, research on love, and an assessment of the market of the contemporary society. Julien decided to use the name of death (der Tod, in German) to change his artistic orientation and identity and take a new turn. Death is part of the mystery, and the forest becomes the perfect dialogue between life and death. Plant the Forest for future generations to paint. One complete painting.
I Dare You
Following the theme of this year's edition of Andanças, Filipa Lacerda presents “I DARE YOU”, an installation consisting of various challenges: a long look in the eyes, a hug of nature, a long contemplation of the reflections on the water, a frame where to leave Challenges - from yourself to others at the festival. Challenges which will make Andanças a richer experience full of new discoveries.
Para Inês Barros Baptista, as Mandalas tanto podem ser consideradas 'obras de autor', realizadas como um exercício individual de harmonização e alinhamento interior, como obras colectivas, manifestando um processo dinâmico de partilha e co-criação. 
The Mandalas by Inês Barros Baptista are elaborate artistic creations. Some of them are developed individually as an exercise for inner harmony, and some collectively in a dynamic process of shared and collaborative creation.
During the Andanças week Inês Barros will lead a collaborative construction of a mandala from natural elements present in the festival area, like leaves, pieces of wood, pebbles, flowers, etc.
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