Each year there are about 1500 applications for volunteering at Andanças. From these, 750 are selected to form the team which sets up the festival and keeps it running for 7 days in a unique manner.
Handing out food or washing the dishes in the canteen, working at the parking area, the camping site or even at the stages during day and night: The spirit of joy and cooperation of our volunteers is contagious. Is there any problem? It will be solved!

Applications from 1st to 10th June 2016.
(Applications closed)
Sector 1 – Management
Operational Center
The Operational Center will be in the middle of Andanças. The team of Prevention and Security aims to protect the welfare of all participants of Andanças, through the joint efforts of different entities. Those are, among others, firefighters, civil protection, police, the security company and the municipality. An operational center connects all these entities and the volunteers are responsible to ensure its proper functioning in close collaboration with the responsible entities. Priority will be given to applicants trained in the areas of health and security who are capable of taking decisions in critical situations and emergencies.
Reception of Artists
Welcome artists to the festival, show them around and introduce them to others, buy tickets if necessary, interact with the ticket office and be able to handle invitations and tickets bought in advance. The required responsibility is high, but there is a strong team spirit and smiles of the visitors are guaranteed. 
If you enjoy doing all this, you found your spot!
This team manages the supplies of materials necessary for different teams and does some shopping. It is essential for an enjoyable proper functioning festival that this team is working well. To volunteer for this team you need to be well organised and available to help others quickly.
Ticket Sale
This is the “front page” of the festival! Everyone passes through here just after arrival, looking forward to great moments at the festival, and receiving a warm welcome.  If you are friendly and open, communicative in Portuguese and English, have a practical sense, have experience with technology and know how to deal with stress (your own and that of the participants), this is your team. The requirements and the level of responsibility of this team are very high, but there is a strong team spirit and smiles from the participants are guaranteed. If you meet the requirements above you found your team. The ticket office is waiting for you! But careful, this experience is addictive.
Accounts – Ticket Sales
If you are rigorous, ponctual, focused and demanding, you should be part of this dynamic team that works under a controled environment and that will allow you to see another side of the festival.
Sector 2 – Program
Andanças for Children
At Andanças exists a special place for children and parents. There, various activities for the youngest participants of the festival are realized every day. It is a place of sharing and community, where the children can learn together and exchange experience. The volunteers working here have the following tasks: support the workshop leaders, organize the place and materials and take care of the children. It is important and fundamental, that the volunteers have experience with children, that they are creative and like to have fun.
Local/Excursions – Program
Some of the tasks you will do in this team are to handle inscriptions for walks, make sure the scheduled times are met, accompany the participants on their excursions and help them to have a great day in the neighbouring village.
If you want to get to know the region and enjoy community, this is your place to be!
Maintaining of the Stages
Every day during the festival, the stages need to be prepared for the first events. The opening of the stages starts at 8 am at this time, all 10 stages need to be clean and shiny, open and ready to start a new day. Some of the stages are needed from 9 am. You will be starting the day at 8 am in the morning, with pleasure and with a smile on your face. And the sun is always there to greet you. Come and dance, the stages are ready!
Parallel Activities – Program
Andanças hosts all kinds of arts and in the Parallel Activities the motto is diversity. In this team you have to make sure scheduled times are met, handle the logistics for workshops, guide audiences and give information.
Do you think you are up for it? We are waiting for you!
With the program team you are really close to all the logistics of the organisation of Andanças. This is a team that never rests, requiring good computer skills, people skills and the ability to solve problems quickly to guarantee that the show continues.
Relaxation – Program
The morning begins with activities of well-being in this beautiful natural environment. Meditation, Yoga and Tai-Chi are some of the relaxation activities.  But also in the evenings the focus is on individual well-being and harmony. Join us if you are calm and efficient!
Sound Technicians
Sound Technicians at Andanças have a direct influence on the music surrounding us and on everything we dance to. The team sets up microphones, draw cables, share experience with musicians and bring the spirit of the festival to life. You should work well under pressure and have training or proofed experience in this area.
Stages: Carvalhos, DJ, Menir, Socalcos, Mimosas, Tradições e Conexões, PX – Program
Places of vibrant magic – the stages at Andanças are the actual places where the festival happens. You attend to programmers, musicians and artists, and take care of the place. So, you get the chance to experience the organisation of a festival from a prime spot.
Sector 3 – Canteen and Environmental Concerns
Sale of Meal Vouchers
This team has a double duty, to sell vouchers  for all the meals in Andança's Canteen, but also  to receive them, monitoring food amounts by public types, allowing Andanças Kitchen to adapt to the different needs. If you are quick, organized, rigorous and friendly and like to deal with people, then this is your team!
Canteen Right Amount
We run three shifts each day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. And there are numerous tasks to do!
Serving the meals to participants – the right amount (Dose Certa), replenishing the trays with fresh food, making sure that there are always clean re-usable dishes available, are some of the tasks. If you are sociable, create a good mood during your shift and are above all efficient and cheerful, this is your team. You will hardly do the same task all week and you will get thousands of smiles in return.
For us it is not enough to just say we will reduce the Andanças footprint. We want to prove it. This team aims to monitor all socio-environmental aspects of the festival by developing questionnaires, weighing the organic waste, reading meters and much more. If you are trained or have experience in a related area, you are a responsible person and you want to help, join this team!
‘Lavatário’ – Dish Washing
To achieve our goal of zero disposable goods we use re-usable dishes and need to wash them. With fresh water, lots of dedication and enthusiasm we are washing all plates, cups and cutlery of the Andanças canteen – which is always running and the dishes keep on coming... There is also plenty of opportunity to interact, also with participants while they are separating the waste for composting and sorting the dishes into designated places. A lot of work, but also a lot of fun, is waiting for you if you join this team!
Kitchen Assistant
If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the canteen and the smell of cooking inspires you, join this team and help with all preparations in the kitchen. Contribute to great food at Andanças! There are plenty of vegetables to wash and to prepare, and wonderful tastes to combine. If you like cooking, come cook with us!
Toilet Maintenace
You get around the whole festival grounds and get to know all places, from the camping site to the stages.
Join us, if you want to help keeping Andanças clean at all times! Your four hours of work will make all the difference for the quality and cleanliness of the festival.
Mug Rent (Canecário)
This team is fundamental to reduce the negative impacts of the festival, aiming step by step at the objective of zero disposable goods. The dedication and enthusiasm of the volunteers working here are essential to reach this goal. Come and work at the most iconic place of Andanças, the Canecário!
Waste Collection for Recycling
Help to keep Andanças clean!
The waste collection for recycling (paper, glass, plastic, indifferent waste) is done by a group of dynamic and responsible volunteers. You are going around the festival grounds assuring the waste collection and making sure that everyone contributes by separating the waste. This is a truly environmental experience. With your contribution, we will all have a more enjoyable festival.
Sector 4 – Control and Logistics
Access Control
This team checks the validity of the wristbands and welcomes all participants. Punctuality is an essential factor here. You should be friendly, like to work as part of a super dynamic team and always have a smile for all those who enter the festival grounds. Subscribe to help with the party!
Hammer, pliers, nails and saw. Strings, contacts, mobile phone, improvisation and patience.
These are the main tools of those invisible beings. All-Rounders, who do everything to solve any kind of problems. 
Camping Management
This team organises the camping site, takes care of the well-being of participants staying there, counts available places and reports them to new arrivals, prepares special areas for certain groups and convert the camping area into a home for one week.
The dismounting begins in the morning of 10 August already. Your tasks will be to get things in order and organise, count and properly store everything for 2016. If you want to enjoy the festival and you still have a bit energy left after that, stay with us for 5 more days and help us dismounting Andanças!
Join this team if you want to start Andanças earlier and help us preparing the festival grounds! You will work during the week before the festival starts, setting up poles, hammering, putting shading in place, have an eye on all the little details, missing nothing... And when Andanças begins, you are free to dance!
In this team, punctuality is an essential point. Besides, you are friendly, like to work in a super dynamic team and you always have a smile for the participants.
Some say there is nothing better than the smell of an exhaust pipe, the purr of a diesel engine and gasoline... On the other side we have rural, green nature appealing to the origin of everyone's existence. But now you don't have to choose any more. Andanças parking offers both! Here you can be the king of the asphalt, the prince of the ushers, the most perfect miracle created by nature. You would do 4 hour shifts any time between 9 am and midnight. There is no better place to get a nice tan. And there is nothing better than bringing your friends and get a tan together with them.
Sector 5 – Services
Bar Lua
If you want an even more intense experience of the festival, every day until early hours, Bar Lua is your team! You need team spirit, be friendly, dynamic and... able to resist alcohol. You can choose your shift between 3:30 pm and 6 am.
Bar Sol
Being friendly, speedy and efficient are the requirements for this team. From ice cream to beer, from tea to sandwiches, everything will be served with a smile and in a good mood!
Bars and Restaurants – Tascos
The gastronomy stands play an essential role at Andanças, providing everyone with food. There we can recharge our batteries, and a vital part of the festival takes place there too. If you are interested in food hygiene and like to deal with people this is your team. We are waiting for you!
Dog Care
This team takes in the four legged friends and cares for them while the owners dance a bit. If you like animals or you are even trained in this area, this is your team!
Arts and Crafts Market
This is one of the central places of Andanças. If you like to deal with people and a variety of situations, the management of the fair is the ideal task for you. Helping to manage this sector of Andanças, is an attractive and relaxed task.
Taking care of indisposition, pain in the legs or feet, blisters... This team of professionals takes care of all the small health issues occurring during the 7 days of the festival. Nurses and doctors are preferred for this team. Besides, they should bring along a good mood.
Ice Creams
With all the hot weather during the festival, an ice cream is the perfect antidote. This is the team that helps the festival goers to cool the most. If you are experienced or always wanted to give it a go, send us your application! You will need to be very organized and meticulous and have a will to distribute smiles to all! 
Keeping of Instruments
Loyal guards of all the music of the festival!Shelves over shelves full of various instruments, and whenever necessary you will put them on the different stages. This is the center of events. For this task you will need cheerfulness, joy and speed.
Tasks in the Market involve receiving fresh bread in the morning, organizing fruit and vegetables, putting all products the festival participants might need on their shelves, and selling them. If you are cheerful, efficient and well organised, this is your team, right in the middle of the festival where everything is happening.
Be part of the daily Andanças newspaper for one week! How to capture the spirit of Andanças? This team is always looking for it, but also for initiatives emerging at the festival – as part of the program, or not. And any ideas concerning the design are welcome as well!
Nursery and Naps
Here is a place for little Andantes (from 3 months to 8 years), where they can take a nap during the day and rest in the evening, while their parents enjoy a ball or workshop. What do we do here? As little as possible! We will make sure, that the children rest and gather energy for the next day and allow the parents to dance a bit... Because Andanças is very intense! Every night there will be one or two tales, a bit of calm music and time to sleep and dream. Most of the children fall asleep on mattresses or in cribs. For the more resistant ones we have games, books, pencils, pens and paper and mainly conversation and shelter.
To volunteer in this place, you need to like being with children, have a lot of patience, be cheerful and responsible. Having experience with babies and children helps. It is not essential to know how to change diapers, but it is important to work well in a team.
Sale of Publications
This team is responsible of the sale of albums and books of the artists participating at Andanças. Friendliness and cheerfulness are essential here!
Basic Information on Volunteering
Andanças is the largest festival of traditional dance on the Iberian Peninsula. The time and effort put into it by volunteers are essential to keep the festival running and to fulfil the commitments towards participants, artists and course leaders, partners, the local community and anyone else who contributed directly or indirectly to its success. We are grateful to all people who dedicate themselves every year to be part of the volunteering programme of Andanças and help us to implement the principles and guidelines which govern the work of the association PédeXumbo.
Volunteering Duties
The volunteer has to arrive two days before the beginning of the festival (or in exceptional cases on the date specified by the respective team coordinators) in order to carry out organisational tasks and preparations essential for a proper functioning of his/her respective sector as well as for training purposes. The volunteer needs to be available until the end of the festival. 
During the 7 days of the festival the volunteer has to work a total of 28 hours. The daily number of hours depends on the specific nature of the duties performed and will be defined and communicated by the coordinator of each team.
There is a canteen at Andanças where omnivorous as well as vegetarian meals are served. Volunteers have the right for one meal voucher each day, for either lunch or dinner at the canteen. The vouchers are handed out daily by the team coordinators. 
The volunteer has the right to use the camping area of the festival for free. For camping it is absolutely necessary to bring: sleeping bag and tent, caravan or any other kind of equipment suitable for such purpose.
The volunteer has the right to a personal accident and liability insurance for the duration of his/her working hours.
The volunteer has the right to freely access all areas of the festival grounds and to participate in all programme activities out of his/her working hours as a volunteer. 
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