Services Andanças
There are various services offered to our participants to make Andanças a success for everyone. In the following you find a list of those services, where to find them, the opening hours and a short description.

Artist Reception
–  Reception of artists and hand out of the welcome package, wristbands as well as meal and drink vouchers, reimbursement of expenses, guiding the artists through the festival areas. Hand out of parking cards for the parking place restricted for the organization.
–  Where: next to the Ticket Shop
–  When: 9 am to 00 am
The terrain surrounding the Festival grounds is flat and invites for cycling tours. The village of Póvoa e Meadas is located only 3 km, Nisa 9 km and Castelo de Vide 14 km from the Festival area. There are areas for bike parking available at Andanças, where you can safely leave your bike. On the festival grounds, the use of bikes is not allowed.
Camping Area
–  Located in different areas of the Festival
–  Opening hours: from 9 am to 8 pm. After 8 pm tents can be mounted at a temporary camping area which will be assigned in due time.
–  More information here.
Camping Kitchen
At this place, participants of the festival can prepare their own food. There are no stoves you need to bring your own cooking gear. Next to Canteen and Grocery. This kitchen has also a place for barbecue. This is the only place at the whole festival grounds, where it is allowed to make fire.
–  Iconic space of Andanças where you can rent mugs with a deposit
–  Lost and Found reception point
–  Where: Social Area
–  From 9 am to 1 am
Meat, Fish and vegetarian meals, each consisting of bread, soup, main course, salad, fruits and drink.
Where: close to the shore of the dammed lake
–  Breakfast: 7:45 am – 10:30 am
–  Lunch: 12 pm – 4 pm
–  Dinner: 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Prices: Breakfast: 2,50€ | Lunch or Dinner: 6,00€
CD Sale
–  Sale of promotional material of the artists at the festival, and much more!!!
–  Where: Centre of the Festival, Casa Amarela (the Yellow House)
–  When: 12 pm to 10 pm
–  Where you can leave the kitchen equipment (stove, dishes, pots and ingredients) to avoid participants have to move from the and for the camping.
–  From 8:30 am to 10 pm
–  Where: Grocery Shop
–  Free Service
Dog Care
–  Registration and identification of dogs (and placement of wristband), deposit payment and signing the liability waiver.
–  Registration: from 9 am to 8 pm
–  Kennel: booking and reception of dogs.
–  There are only 10 seats.
–  Kennel opening hours: from 2 pm to 2 am.
Food and drinks
–  Yoghurt, juice, spirits, beer and sangria, tea and fruit sirup. Typical food from Alentejo. Vegetarian dishes. Steaks and snacks. Soups. Salads. Coffee. Ice Cream.
–  Where: Social Area
–  Grocery products, Fruit and vegetables, Drinks, Coffee, Ice cream
–  When: 8:30 am to 10 pm
–  Where: Near the Canteen
Instrument Guard
–  Storing of musical instruments and other materials of the artists, workshop leaders and also for participants, who bring their own instrument to the festival.
–  Where: centre of the festival, Casa Amarela (the yellow house)
–  When: 9 am to 6 am
Lost & Found
There are several delivery points lost and found in Andanças. Can deliver on schedule, in full stage area, you can deliver in the social area in Canecário, can deliver in the Reception Festival... but to lift an object must do so in the Operational Centre.
The Andanças Market is a traditional space of selling services and regional goods and the world (non-food). As in 2014, the Market is located within the area of the Festival, the exchange zone, in full living area. A space filled with innovative proposals, with creative products and services and eco and organic market. Services have also place in the Market space.
Medical Centre
–  Treatment of small maladies, medical care and check-up. Management of ambulances and coordination of transports to the hospital.
–  Where: Centre of the Festival, Casa Amarela (the Yellow House)
–  When: 24h
–  Where: Near the program area for Children
–  When: Afternoon: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm / Night: 9:30 pm to 1 am
–  For children of a maximum age of 5 years.
–  The parents put their children to sleep.
–  The children can only be brought in during the first hour after opening.
Operational Headquarter
–  Emergency centre. Coordination of security staff. Contact to fire fighters. Check-point.
–  Lost and Found headquarter (hand in)
–  Management of the security of the festival.
–  Contact point for missing children (in the security room)
–  Where: Casas Geminadas, at the dam wall
–  When: 24h
–  Where: General Parking, next to the road to the festival. Organized by volunteers.
–  Visitors parking: Parking place for visitors of the area, who are not participating in the festival. This part of the parking place has a separate exit to the beach of the dammed lake.
–  Parking for artists, market or gastronomy stand holders, and the organization of the festival: Access to this parking is only possible with a card handed out by the organization. It is located very close to the entrance of the festival and has direct access to the festival grounds.
–  Temporary parking for 60 minutes: A parking place with a limited number of spaces, parking is allowed for up to 60 minutes. Controlled by GNR or volunteers. This is the parking place closest to the festival.
–  There are five spaces indicated for handicapped persons.
Print Shop
–  Where: in the area Paralelas
–  When: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm | 4 pm to 6 pm
–  Printing of t-shirts with the Andanças 2015 logo
Program area for Children (Espaço Criança)
–  With its own program, especially designed for children and families – workshops, balls, concerts, etc. The parents remain responsible for their children.
–  Children younger than 5 years are not allowed without company.
Program office
–  Where: Centre of the Festival, Casa Amarela (the yellow house)
–  From 9 am to 4 am
–  Special information for participants
–  Support of workshop leaders and artists: contact and meeting point
–  Management of the whole program, from workshops to balls and concerts
–  Display of the daily updated program schedule
–  Information for participants
–  Lost and Found reception point.
Recharging Station
–  Free charging of batteries of cell phones or small electrical devices.
–  Where: Centre of the Festival, Casa Amarela (the Yellow House)
–  When: 9 am to 12 am
Sale of Meal Vouchers
–  Where: next to the Canteen
–  When: 7:45 am to 12 am
–  Sale of Meal Vouchers, Px Bar’s Vouchers and Market.
–  Meal Vouchers can be purchased in advance for different days. The vouchers have to be bought at this place; cash payment is not accepted where the food is served.
Ticket Shop
–  Where: at the entrance of the Festival, in a separate building
–  When: 31 July: 8 pm to 2 am || rest of the days: 08:30 am to 2 am
–  Ticket sale, hand out of wristbands. Exchange of wristbands for tickets from the advanced sale (please make sure to bring the confirmation of the payment)
–  Exchange of wristbands for invitations
–  Hand out of credentials and wristbands for journalists (Media)
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