Duo De Schepper - Souvandjiev
A powerful folkduo from Gent, Belgium. Guitar & Violin at its finest played by 2 experienced musicians.
Pavel Souvandjiev (Les Bottines Artistiques, Aérokorda) and Florian De Schepper (Duo De Schepper-Sanczuk, Loogaroo, Broes) are two Belgian musicians who have been performing in the balfolkscene since they were teenagers. For almost a decade they have been touring around Europe with several projects. Sharing the same passion for music and traveling, Pavel and Florian decided to put their own compositions together and formed a duo. Their music contains influences of French, Celtic and Balkanic music. With a musical background of both classical and jazz, these 2 musicians will surprise you with what's possible only with a guitar and a violin!  


Horário: 00:30 até 01:45
Espaço: Palco Seara
Actividade: Baile com DUO DE SCHEPPER - SOUVANDJIEV (BE)
Horário: 22:00 até 23:30
Espaço: Palco Quintal
Actividade: Baile com DUO DE SCHEPPER - SOUVANDJIEV (BE)
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