Don't forget
  • There will be large temperature changes in the area around the festival grounds. During the night it can be cold and an extra blanket might be necessary.
  • In August, the sun is strong in the northern Alentejo. We advice everyone to drink plenty of water and use sun protection.
  • The dammed lake and the water reservoir pose some restrictions. It is not allowed to wash in the lake, only swimming and bathing for leisure are allowed. The reservoir provides drinking water for eight counties in northern Alentejo and we want to ensure a high quality, also during the festival.
  • The festival grounds are close to the natural park of the Serra de S. Mamede. It is forbidden to camp outside the designated camping site and at the edge of the lake.
  • Fires are only allowed in places assigned for that purpose.
  • There will be no cash machine at or close to the festival area, but there will be a free shuttle bus from the festival grounds to the village Póvoa e Meadas, which has a cash machine.
  • There are no disposable cups at Andanças. You can bring your own mug of 20cl to use it for water or at any of the snack bars or restaurants.
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