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Chapitô is a project which, day by day, brings together and promotes education, creation and animation. Its facilities provide enough room for everyone to join the solidarity of celebrations. 
Coreto is a cultural association originating from a shared passion for popular traditional dances and music, and from the desire to spread it far and wide.  Its objective is the gathering of knowledge about cultures and arts of different communities, societies, countries and regions, about their traditions, principles and values. And it aims at the integration of this knowledge in our modern society. Coreto strives to be an entity bringing together all these aspects, driving them forward and promoting them. They are a reference on a national and international level for traditional arts and cultures of all peoples of the world. Its work bases on the principles of sharing, integration and solidarity.
D'Orfeu is a cultural association which started its work in 1995 in Águeda with the objective of promoting cultural activities through music and its relation to all other forms of expression. During the first years, they strongly promoted training in traditional, rural and urban music, offering innovative viewing angles at the tradition. Furthermore they organised a document collection. In the following years, they brought their attention towards the creation of numerous public events, like themed festivals under constant consideration of alternative cultural offers in Portugal. D'Orfeu is dedicated to the enhancement and promotion of support resources for artistic creation and development. Today the association reaches beyond its physical geographic location, with all their supporters, friends, students and partners. They expanded due to their local and international relations as well as the diversity of interests, and they represent a very human aspect: to question the culture we live in, to make changes in a creative way and to give something in return. 
Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival of Santa Maria da Feira is Portugal’s largest Street Arts event and an international reference. It takes place every year, for two days, in the month of May.
Since 2001, the Festival has been investing in major international productions and in the development of original creations to be premiered as part of its programme, thus giving way to experimentation and the imagination of local creators. The official program also includes the Mais Imaginarius section, a competition of projects by emerging artists, and Imaginarius Infantil, with workshops and innovating experiences for audiences aged between 3 and 12.
Imaginarius is currently part of the European Street Arts circuit, through its presence within the Circostrada Network, in conjunction with a number of partnerships with other festivals and creation projects, thus contributing to Santa Maria da Feira’s assertion as the Portuguese capital of Street Arts.
Through the dynamics of Imaginarius 365, Santa Maria da Feira breathes Street Arts all year round. 
Música Portuguesa A Gostar Dela Própria
A Música Portuguesa A Gostar Dela Própria (Liking Portuguese music for its own sake) is the largest most comprehensive collection of music videos produced in Portugal. 
Popolomondo means “Peoples of the World” in Esperanto, a universal language created from a composition of different world languages. The name as well as the idea are indicating the transversal values of this association. Popolomondo aims at promoting culture by creation, innovation and research of music and dance. Their activities include cultural education, socio-educational training (namely the development of dance projects open for everyone), the promotion of cultural groups, research and development activities, production of cultural events and audio productions. 
Tradballs was founded in 2005 and is since then dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of traditional dance and music by organising balls, concerts, festivals (like FEST-i-BALL, Raiz d’Aldeia, Festival Passagem d’Ano), folk gatherings, regular classes and intensive workshops. They provide opportunities to get together and share knowledge and emotions with everyone who is open to the magic of music and dance and keeping traditions alive at the same time.
Caminhos do Cinema Português
Caminhos do Cinema Português (Paths of the Portuguese Cinema) is a movie festival exclusively dedicated to Portuguese films. The general objective is the provision of access to the Portuguese cinema culture as well as its promotion and dissemination. Another aim is to provide the elements for comparison and understanding to different audiences.
The project is characterised by a vast amount of records which reflect an authentic panorama of the national cinematographic production of each year. Characteristic for this event is that it unites all national cinematographic productions in one space. All of these productions are annually submitted to be evaluated by different juries, depending on their core activities by different selection procedures. At Andanças, Caminhos do Cinema Português are giving their input on the cinema program. 
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