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Andanças is huge, and a large diversity has always been part of it! The seating areas of the concession stands are places to enjoy and relax, to recharge batteries, to meet and taste... The party always starts in this relaxed environment. We interpret the restaurant area as an artistic project and see it as part of the festival. The concept, the target customers, the gastronomy, the aesthetics and materials for the construction of the temporary structures are essential in this year's choice of food projects. We are looking for imagination combined with a rigorous, sophisticated, beautiful and innovative implementation.
There are some ecological rules of the festival, which are considered in the selection process. 
For example, there should be no disposable goods, or only such, which can be composted. In case you are preparing food, a HACCP certificate is required. The concession areas for gastronomy are each between 10 and 150 square meters. The holder of the concession has the right for a limited number of wristbands at a reduced price.
30% of the concessions for gastronomy are reserved for local professionals.

Applications from 17 to 31 March.
Terms and conditions.

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