Children and families
For a number of years now, Andanças takes special care of children and families participating in the festival. There is a separate very diverse programme area for this demanding audience, the Espaço Criança, set in a natural amphitheatre. The place is surrounded by nature and trees providing shade. There, several activities run in parallel.
This year, the Espaço Criança will host a variety of dance workshops – Capoeira, Colombian, Indian, Mozambican and Portuguese dances, World dance, urban dance, and many more – but it will also offer balls, circus, theatre, creative workshops, instrument workshops, tales, relaxation, meditation and yoga workshops. For the little 
ones, Andanças has the Espaço Bebé, where the children from 3 months to 5 years can rest peacefully, with tales and dreams, while their parents enjoy the festival a little more.
Andanças tickets for children of up to 12 years is free and families with two or more children between 13 and 18 years get a discount (on-site ticket sale).
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