We know, that you are a dedicated professional and passionate about everything related to Andanças. And we want to provide you with the best conditions and full access to all information. But first there are some rules to follow, so that the festival can run smoothly for everyone during those seven intense days of music, dance and exchange of ideas.
Before you fill out the form, please read the following instructions carefully:
  • The accreditation of journalists needs to be done in writing before the start of the festival, using a specific form.
  • The number of accredited journalists at Andanças is limited and the organization reserves the right to reject new accreditations if this limit is reached. 
  • The accreditation has to be requested by the media company and not by the individual journalist: up to two journalists per TV station/newspaper and one journalist per radio station/blog/web-site will be accepted. 
  • One (1) photo/video journalist working as a freelancer (professional or amateur) is accredited each year. The application needs to be sent until 22 July 2014. The CV should include a work, which is available online, about any past edition of Andanças. We will inform the applicants until 26 July.
  • The accreditation of the journalists includes a free ticket for the seven days of the festival and free access to all activities. Not included are other offers like meals and accommodation.
  • Interviews about specific topics of Andanças can be scheduled by calling +351 927 808 861.
  • Persons accompanying journalists have to buy their own tickets.
  • The journalists need to park their vehicles at the general parking place. They are not allowed to use the accesses reserved for the festival organization. 
  • The festival organization has an archive of photos of the festival from journalists and participants. They are available upon request. Contributions to this archive are always welcome.
Download of the accreditation form Welcome to Andanças!
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