Tickets for Andanças'2014
Andanças is formed by everyone, from artists to volunteers and regular participants: all contribute in a unique way, making the seven days of dance, music, sharing and celebration possible.

By buying a ticket for Andanças you contribute to:
    Developing a place, where beneficial environmental and social practices can be experienced and are disseminated;
    Andanças continuing free from brands, advertisements and merchandising;
    Ensure the compensation of about 600 artists, who fill the program of Andanças and take you on a journey through cultures and countries right on the festival grounds;
    The construction of stages, infrastructures, paths, showers, sanitary installations, canalisation and power supply all over the festival grounds, an area of about 40 hectares with constraints arising from its location in a natural park;
    Facilitate the possibility for sustainable travelling by free shuttle transport from public transport stations close to the festival area;
    The provision of the Andanças canteen with local products, which stimulates the local economy and traditional trades, preferring small producers even if that means higher costs;
    The execution of all essential tasks for the development of a festival on a large scale, which ensure the well being of participants but also aim to respect and protect the environment during all stages of the event.

Ticket sale *
* Exempt of VAT according to n.º 20 of Article 9.º Social ticket Families with 2 or more children (between 13 and 18 years) are entitled to a discount of 25% off their tickets. This discount requires an identification document. The discounts cannot be combined.   Night ticket During Andanças, night tickets are sold from 8 pm every night. These tickets allow the participation at the festival for that night only. The night ticket does not allow access to the camping area of the festival. It costs 10 € per night. The night tickets are only sold during the festival.   Free ticket Andanças is free for children up to the age of 12, and for those who turn 13 during the festival. The age needs to be proven at the ticket office by means of an identification document. Ticket for residents Residents of the district of Portalegre can participate at the festival for lower prices. It is not possible to buy the tickets for residents at the online shop. They can only be purchased at the ticket office at the festival. It is necessary to bring an official document in order to proof the address (identification document, driving license...). Only with this kind of proof it is possible to purchase a ticket for residents. Discounts There is a 20% discount for:
  • Members and students of PédeXumbo and partner associations.
Participants eligible for a discount have to buy their tickets at the ticket office at the festival. The discounts cannot be combined. Meals Once more the participants of the festival can count on the canteen of Andanças. We offer the possibility to buy meals in advance at a lower price:
  • 11 JAN – 9 JUL: meal 5,20€ | breakfast 2€
  • 10 JUL – 25 JUL: meal 6€ | breakfast 2€
  • 3 AUG – 10 AUG: meal 6€ | breakfast 2€
*Advanced sale The deadlines for the online sale refer to the actual payment belonging to a reference. This reference is generated during the online booking of tickets and is valid for 3 days. If the payment belonging to a reference is not realized within this time, the reference will be cancelled. *Limited number of tickets For safety reasons and in order to assure the comfort and well-being of our participants, the number of tickets for Andanças'2014 is limited. Therefore, in case of overcrowding, the ticket sale will temporarily be suspended.
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