Dicas de Saúde
The festival grounds of Andanças are located in a wonderful area close to the nature reserve park of S. Mamede. There are plenty of trees and right next to the festival area is a dammed lake. In order to enjoy this beautiful nature we need to take care of it…

Andanças takes place in a beautiful place and we are sure that this alone will already contribute to a better well-being. However, if you need us in any health related issue, you can count on us!

Our health advice for an even better Andanças…

We are here for you! Call us!
The emergency number of Andanças is 800 918 176. Not at the moment!

You can always count on the Health team
There is health care available, offered by health professionals volunteering for the festival. They can help you if you feel unwell, are sick or injured. There are also ambulances in the festival area to take participants to the hospital in Portalegre in case of an emergency. Members of our team are always there for you. They are clearly identifiable and patrolling on the festival grounds. And we are also just one call away. Use the emergency number!

Use you mug! Drink lots of water!
Hydration is fundamental to fully enjoy Andanças. High temperatures are forecasted for Castelo de Vide and dancing also contributes to a loss of liquids. There are water taps distributed throughout the festival grounds where you can use your mug to drink fresh water. Also drink if you are not thirsty, because your body can delay with giving you this indication (especially in the middle of one of these African dance workshops…)

Protect yourself from the sun!
The sun is our source of energy, but excess of anything can be harmful. Try to avoid the sun during the period of strongest radiation (11 am to 3 pm). If you are exposed to the sun, protect your skin with sun creme and light and comfortable clothes. And don't forget, that children have very sensitive skin!

Avoid unwanted guests!
Coughing and sneezing are not part of the program of Andanças, but if it happens protect yourself and others. Cover your mouth with a paper tissue or with your forearm in these situations, but not with your hands which, in the next moment, will touch another person…

Also remember to always wash your hands with water and soap after visiting the bath room and before eating! This way you will avoid to interrupt your dancing due to "calls of nature".

Protect your feet to keep dancing!
Your feet connect you to the ground and make you dance, that's why you have to treat them well. Use comfortable and airy shoes, but take care that no pebbles or sand cause discomfort. The ground can be very bumpy and can have some obstacles. Therefore it is not advisable to walk barefoot. If you have new shoes, use them before you arrive at Andanças to assure that they are comfortable.

Connect with nature but protect from insects!
The festival takes place at a very idyllic spot. If you love being there, the animals too appreciate it very much. There will be insects and we advise you to use repellents or to protect arms and legs with light clothes. Make sure you close the mosquito net of your tent while sleeping (insects are not the kind of company you want!).

Enjoy yourself loads, but drink responsibly!
Portugal is well-known for its excellent wine, and there will also be beer and other kinds of alcohol at the festival. Avoid drinking too much. Nobody wants to miss a dance workshop or concert because of a friend who doesn't know the own limits... and a hangover is a total waste of time! Remember also that alcohol dehydrates and compensate by drinking water! It is also important to eat properly!
Enjoy yourself but avoid alcohol abuse!

Get energy!
Proper food is essential for a body full of energy to dance. Eat small meals but frequently. There is the canteen and various snack bars at your service where you can get delicious food. Or just be your own cook! Please make sure to use only the dedicated cooking area for this purpose, because the risk of fires is very high in the area!

Share the love!
Hug your tent neighbour, exchange kisses with the one next in line to the canteen or with your partner. If you want to get more intimate, make sure you use protection - available at the Health care station!

Take care of yourself and of others
Dancing is very important, but rest is too. Take a break (and drink water) between the dances. A massage or meditation in the morning will also help you to get ready for another fantastic day. If you get a small injury, wash it immediately with clean water and disinfectant, put on a band aid and you are ready to get back dancing in no time!
Andanças bases on the principle of sharing, so if you see somebody in need, help! This includes not letting the person alone and assuring that others come to help as well.

Be prepared!
Before coming to Castelo de Vide prepare a small basic SOS kit:
sun protection
insect repellent
disinfectant solution
band aids
non-prescription medication (for headaches, heartburn, vomiting or diarrhoea)
and any medication you normally need: Don't forget to bring enough for more than a week. If some of your medicine needs to be stored cool you can drop it off at in the Health care station.
Remember there is no pharmacy on the festival grounds where you could buy medication.
There is a medical station in Póvoa e Meadas (3 km from the festival grounds) and various pharmacies in Castelo de Vide (15 km from the festival grounds).
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