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Since the beginning of the Festival Andanças in 1996, PédeXumbo aims at the creation of a new branch of Portuguese music: the new Folk. 
Along the years, Andanças was a stage for meetings of musicians, experiments with traditional instruments and creations of new sounds. Various music groups found each other at Andanças and by now the new Portuguese folk has its own identity. 

In the year 2013, following our mission, PédeXumbo began a new stage of international and professional promotion of this branch of music. We were going to interational fairs dedicated to World Music to spread and promote the Portuguese music projects which performed at Andanças.

Here you can access the catalogue "Portuguese Bands - From Folk to World Music Andanças'2013", which was presented at the Womex'2013 (in Cardiff, UK), at the Babel Med Music'2014 (in Marseille, France) and at the ExibMúsica (in Bilbao, Spain).
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