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Concertos Andanças'2013
19 TO 25 AUG'13
Concession stands

Handicrafts market / Fair
As every year, Andanças offers an area at the festival for the sale of products and services. The Handicrafts market / Fair is a traditional market of regional goods, handicrafts or products from around the world (non-food). New in 2013 is, that the Handicrafts market / Fair will be on the festival grounds. The area is called social area (or “área social”) and lies on the way to the program areas.

The concession stands are 3x3 meters large.
The holders of the stands have the right for a limited number of wristbands at a reduced price.
Please note, that 30% of the concessions are reserved for local merchants

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Snack bars, bars, restaurants
Andanças is huge, and it needs a large diversity!
Snacks, drinks and refreshments, vegetarian meals, sandwiches, fruits... Everything has its place at Andanças. 
The area for gastronomy is situated on the festival grounds.

Every gastronomy stand is responsible for the seating and accommodation of its customers.
There are some ecological rules of the festival, which are considered for the selection process. For example, there should be no disposable goods, or only such, which can be composted.
In case you are preparing food, a HACCP certificate is required. 
The concession areas for gastronomy are each between 10 and 150 square meters.
The holder of the concession has the right for a limited number of wristbands at a reduced price.
30% of the concessions for gastronomy are reserved for local professionals.

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