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Concertos Andanças'2013
19 TO 25 AUG'13
The 4 pillars
Andanças is the celebration of dances and music – traditional, contemporary or the fusion of both:

dance and music
we want to sustain and extend the experience of social dances as a festive expression of social cohesion,
learning from each other, keeping the tradition alive and recreating it,
at Andanças, which by now has a life of its own,
and which is contagious

we want to keep Andanças independent of political, commercial or financial ends;
we want a place, where everyone feels motivated to contribute to a common goal,
not paid for their work, but compensated in a fair and creative way,
no matter if individuals, companies or public institutions

we want to continue establishing an Andanças community,
with the people, our partners and the citizens,
and we want to take part in the local development.

we want to keep our aesthetic and ethic principles,
and we want to create a place free of pollution,
for our participants to experience and spread good social, economic and environmental practices.

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Andanças is a festival organized by PédeXumbo:
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