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Concertos Andanças'2013
19 TO 25 AUG'13
The camping site of the festival will be close to the natural park of São Mamede. It is a beautiful place with forests, a unique landscape and a particularly rich and precious ecosystem. We need to take responsibility for this region and the fragile ecosystem by taking some basic precautions. Therefore, for your own safety and in the interest of everyone:
  • it is forbidden to make fires;
  • it is forbidden to light candles or other lighting, that could cause fires;
  • it is forbidden to break branches;
  • do not cook close to the tents – there is a community kitchen which can be used by the festival participants;
  • only occupy the space you need – there are many participants and we cannot occupy the whole forest.
There is also a place reserved for caravans with fully developed infrastructure and space for 100 caravans.  On all camping sites you have access to toilets and showers. If you are arriving at the festival later than 9 pm and you don't want to buy a ticket for that day, you can already use the camping site, but you cannot attend the nocturnal activities on the evening of your arrival. However, you could buy a night-ticket for that night. From midnight, silence is mandatory in the whole camping area.

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