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Concertos Andanças'2013
19 TO 25 AUG'13
Active participation at the festival: for 28 working hours per week you get the wristband for all 7 festival days, one meal per day and a personal accident insurance.
Year after year, Andanças is mainly run by volunteers, thanks to an enormous civil effort.
Each of the various areas (like the program, production, health, security, waste management, canteen, ticket office, keeping of instruments, etc.) lay in the hands of volunteers.
The only restriction for volunteering at Andanças is the minimum age of 18 years.
However, in 2011 we introduced a novelty: youth volunteering at the age of 13 to 17 years. The rules are the same as for the adult volunteers, but the authorization of a parent is required. This year we accept 30 youth volunteers.

Call closed!

The following teams are planned: 

Sector 1 – Management
[ ± ] Hosting of artists
Receive and welcome the artists! Taking care of wristbands, planning of accommodation, providing general information, those are some of the tasks you would have to do. In this group, we welcome the artists who give us such great moments.
[ ± ] Ticket office
This is the “front page” of the festival! Everyone passes through here just after arriving at the festival. If you are friendly and open, have a practical sense, have experience with technology and know how to deal with stress (your own and that of the participants), this would be your team. The requirements and the level of responsibility of this team is very high. Everyone participating at the festival comes here first, and you know... the first impression is most important! If you meet the requirements above and you are good in communicating, you found your team. The ticket office is waiting for you!
[ ± ] Bookkeeping
[ ± ] Management
This is about the management of stocks of materials needed by the different teams and some shopping.  A proper functioning of this team is essential for a smooth course of the festival! Volunteers working in this team need to be organized and available to help others quickly.
[ ± ] Information
Previously appointed parallel activities, questions about the festival, groups and participants, schedules, meals, lost and found... Being the face of the festival, friendly, cheerful, communicative, and knowing the whole festival inside out are necessary for this task. And you should speak different languages... The festival is international.
[ ± ] Prevention and security
The team of Prevention and Security aims to protect the welfare of all participants of Andanças, through the joint efforts of different entities. Those are, among others, the firefighters, civil protection, GNR, the security company and the municipality. An operational center connects those entities and the volunteers are responsible to ensure its proper functioning in close collaboration with the responsible entities. Priority will be given to applicants trained in the areas of health and security who are capable of taking decisions in critical situations and emergencies.
[ ± ] Production
Do you want to know the festival inside out? Are you able to manage a lot of information? Do you like big challenges? Do you keep calm?  This team needs people who are efficient, calm, good communicators, cheerful and capable of managing information better than average. If this is true for you, this is your team. We are waiting for you!
Sector 2 – Program
[ ± ] Opening of the stages
Every day during the festival, the stages need to be prepared for the first events. The opening of the stages starts at 8 am and lasts until around 9:30 to 10 am, depending on the performance of this team. During that time period, the 10 stages need to be clean and shiny, open and ready to start a new day. Some of the stages are needed from 9 am. You will be starting the day at 8 am in the morning, with pleasure and a smile on your face. And the sun is always greeting you.  Come to dance, the stages are ready! 
[ ± ] Stage assistants
Technical assistants and production staff taking care of the stages in the festival tents. You will provide technical support along the day, assist the workshop leaders, perform sound checks... And during the concerts at night you will assist the stage staff, take care of the artists, provide them with water... This is a lively team in the middle of the festival!
[ ± ] Sound technicians
To be a Sound technicians at Andanças means to have your hands on the music on stage which makes us dance. You install microphones, lay cables, exchange experience with the musicians and turn the soul of the festival into sound. You should be able to work under pressure and have professional training or experience in this sector.
[ ± ] Concerts – Palco X
The Palco X is a special place in the heart of Andanças. Here, the great concerts take place, which mark great moments in the lives of all participants but also of the staff members, who set up those shows. The greatest emotions are connected to this stage and its concerts, which are the highlights of the festival. These moments make the history of Andanças.  Are you ready to be on stage?!
[ ± ] Andanças for children
At Andanças exists a special place for children and parents. There, various activities for the youngest participants of the festival are realized every day. It is a place of sharing and community, where the children can learn together and exchange experience. The volunteers working here, have the following tasks: support the workshop leaders, organize the place and materials and take care of the children. It is important and fundamental, that the volunteers have experience with children, that they are creative and like to have fun.
[ ± ] Program
Running around the festival grounds putting the latest updates on the notice boards, organizing about 30 workshops every day and as many concerts, providing information step by step... To fit into this team you should be dynamic, able to adapt and cheerful.
Sector 3 – Canteen and environmental concerns
[ ± ] Canteen support
We are working in three shifts, breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we have a lot to do! Serving the food to a long line of participants, carrying trays from the washing team to the kitchen, washing the dishes... But it is great! If you like to socialize and dance during your shift, and you are quick, lively and cheerful, you should join this team. You will hardly do the same thing all week long and there are countless smiles waiting for you. What could be better?
[ ± ] Dish washing / Dish rental / Dose Certa / Monitoring
This team fundamentally contributes to the reduction of negative impacts of the festival, with the main objective to avoid food waste. The dedication and enthusiasm of the volunteers are essential for the following tasks: washing the dishes in the canteen; running the Dish and Mug Rental; separating biodegradable waste from other leftovers in the canteen; promoting the Dose Certa; and monitoring the festival in all its environmental aspects.
[ ± ] Waste separation for recycling
Andanças is a clean festival, where waste management is a strong concern. But for all this, we need the help of a team of dynamic and responsible volunteers. The waste will be collected separately in different bins at various points on the festival grounds. The tasks of the volunteers are the collection of the waste from those bins and the cleaning of ash trays. But above all, they will raise awareness among suppliers and participants. It is worth a try! You will get a real environmental experience and you can make a difference.
Sector 4 – Control and logistics
[ ± ] Control of the entrances
Your tasks would be to check the validity of the wristbands and to welcome the participants. In this team, punctuality is an essential point. Besides, you are friendly, like to work in a super dynamic team and you always have a smile for the participants. Sign up to help everyone having a good time!
[ ± ] Parking
Some say there is nothing better than the smell of an exhaust pipe, the purr of a diesel engine and gasoline... On the other side we have rural, green nature appealing to the origin of everyone's existence.  But now we don't need to choose anymore. Andanças parking offers both! Here you can be the king of the asphalt, the prince of the ushers, the most perfect miracle created by nature.  You would do 4 hour shifts anytime between 9 am and midnight. There is no better place to get a nice tan. And there is nothing better than bringing your friends and get a tan together with them.
[ ± ] Mounting and dismounting
[ ± ] All-rounders
Hammer, pliers, nails and saw Strings, contacts, mobile phone, improvisation and patience. This are the main tools of those invisible beings. All-rounders, who do everything to solve any kind of problems. Availability (almost constant) and the capability of managing stress are not mandatory, but strongly recommended!
Sector 5 – Services
[ ± ] Nursery and naps
Here is a place for little Andantes (from 3 months to 8 years), where they can take a nap during the day and rest in the evening, while their parents enjoy a ball or workshop. What do we do here? As little as possible! We have to make sure, that the children rest and gather energy for the next day and allow the parents to dance a bit... Because Andanças is very intense! Every night there will be one or two tales, a bit of calm music and time to sleep and dream. Most of the children fall asleep on mattresses or in cribs. For the more resistant ones we have games, books, pencils, pens and paper and mainly conversation and shelter. To volunteer in this place, you need to like being with children, have a lot of patience, be cheerful and responsible. Having experience with babies and children helps. It is not essential to know how to change diapers, but it is important to work well in a team.
[ ± ] Charging of batteries
Shooting pictures, taking videos and calling to exhaustion! Why not... The batteries will not be the problem. If you want to help those who ran out of power, if you are available, organized and friendly, then the team responsible for charging batteries is waiting for you!
[ ± ] Management of concessions (Fair / Bars)
The fair is at one of the central places of Andanças. If you like to deal with people and a variety of situations, the management of the fair, the bars and other concessions is the ideal task for you. Helping to manage this sector of Andanças, is an attractive and relaxed task.
[ ± ] Keeping of instruments
Loyal guards of all the music of the festival!!! Shelves over shelves full of various instruments, and whenever necessary you will put them on the different stages. This is the center of events. For this task you will need cheerfulness, joy and speed.
[ ± ] Newspaper
Be part of the daily Andanças newspaper for one week! How to capture the spirit of Andanças? This team is always looking for it, but also for initiatives emerging at the festival – as part of the program, or not. And any ideas concerning the design are welcome as well!
[ ± ] Health
Taking care of indisposition, pain in the legs or feet, blisters... This team of professionals takes care of all the small health issues occurring during the 7 days of the festival. Nurses and doctors are preferred for this team. Besides, they should bring along a good spirit.
[ ± ] Meal vouchers
Here everyone will buy their meals, in the center of the festival, between plenty of music and good spirit. Besides the sale of the meals, you give information on the menus, know about the local consumption... If you are friendly, efficient and dynamic, we are counting on your help in this team!

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