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Concertos Andanças'2013
19 TO 25 AUG'13
Program of Andanças'2013
Andanças always takes place at rural locations, away from urban centers and the coastal areas of Portugal. Further priorities of Andanças are, involving local people in the organization of the festival, the interpretation of tradition as dynamic and changeable, the importance of sustainability and the respect towards the local community. Those characteristic features make Andanças unique among other festivals on both, national and international scale. And they are the focus of Andanças'2013.
The change of location caused the organization of the festival to rethink the whole festival, including the involvement of the participants, and the program. Also this year, the main part of the festival will be international dances for everyone. But it also opens space for new ideas, from urban dance to contemporary dance.
Of course the music is the essential part of the program, being the base for the movement of the body, for the approach of people and their development and for dance. Dance, which does not only moves the body, but also ideas.
There will be balls and dance events, but also other kinds of activities. We want to encourage a reflection about movements and promote experimentation and new experiences with the concerts planned for the stage X and the experimental area. One of the novelties is the floating stage. Artists are challenged to plan their performance in relation to the water and its constant changes. Besides that, there will be a new schedule (day and night), which includes dance workshops, but also balls. So, every participant can plan the personal program independent from the time of the day. 
Artistic events like theater, plastic arts, cinema and circus will be part of the program as well, taking place at unlikely places. This emphasizes the relation of the events with the place and the environment in present times. Andanças'2013 shows what the Alentejo, and what Portugal is. The diversity of the participants of Andanças and the multiplicity of the proposed activities allow the construction of a dense and dynamic network, which turns the festival into a global village. 
Andanças'2013 represents the Discovery of a new place and new experiences, which the program transmits during one week without rest.

Participate with your contribution and create a new Andanças in Póvoa e Meadas!

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Body Balls  Concerts / Dance shows, theater, circus  Workshops to warm up and/or relax  Dance workshops  Alen'corpo – More than body  Environment: fauna and flora  Andanças on the hill  Street entertainment  Handicrafts  Cinema  Conversations  Experiments  Fires /Tales  Gastronomy  History / Archeology  Workshops of different artistic ways of expression  Walks  Community projects  Children and families  Expressive activities  Musical activities  Balls  Dance workshops  Theater / Tales 

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