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Concertos Andanças'2013
19 TO 25 AUG'13
Ticket office and Online shop
Ticket office
The ticket office will be open every day from 9 am to 2 am. At the ticket office you can buy the wristband which grants you access to the festival grounds, program activities and the facilities of the festival, including the camping site.

Tickets from the advanced sale can only be swapped for wristbands from 9 am on the day of validity. For this, you need to show a printed copy of the confirmation of payment, which you receive by email after the payment of the tickets. Furthermore you have to present a document for identification.

The access to the camping site is only allowed with a valid wristband. On the day following the expiration of your wristband, it is not allowed to enter any area of the festival after 7 am. Furthermore, you have to leave the camping site until 12 o'clock noon.

It is not possible to get a wristband (neither pre-paid nor paid at the festival site) after your first day of participation at the festival.

Pricing policy
This year we changed our pricing policy – considering the worldwide economic situation we reduced the prices substantially. Furthermore, we are rewarding those who stay at the festival for more days. The price per day varies according to the number of days of participation: from 15 € per day, if you buy a ticket for all 7 days, up to 25 € if you buy a ticket for only one day. Additionally, you get a discount of up to 20%, if you buy your tickets in advance.

Online ticket sale *
* Exempt of VAT according to n.º 20 of Article 9.º Ticket sale at the ticket office at the festival *
* Exempt of VAT according to n.º 20 of Article 9.º
Tickets for residents Residents of the district of Portalegre can participate at the festival for lower prices. It is not possible to buy the tickets for residents at the online shop, but only at the ticket office at the festival. It is necessary to bring an official document in order to proof the address (document of identification, driving license...). Only with this kind of proof it is possible to purchase a ticket for residents. The discounts cannot be combined. Night ticket At 8 pm every day, the ticket office starts the sale of night tickets. Those tickets allow the participation at the festival for one night. The night ticket does not include the use of the festival camping site. Free ticket Andanças is free for children up to the age of 12, or for those who turn 13 during the festival. The age needs to be proved at the ticket office by means of an identification document. Discounts There is a discount of 25% for:
  • Families with two or more children (older than 12 years), identification document required;
There is a discount of 20% for:
  • Members and students of PédeXumbo and the following associations: D'Orfeu, Gaita-de-Foles, Tradballs, Planeta Dança e Sétima Posição, Contagiarte, Dançaólicos, Coreto, Rodobalho, Trad Folk Aveiro. The associations are requested to send a list of members and students in advance. The members and students need to contact the ticket office at the festival and show a document of identification.
Participants with the right of a discount cannot purchase tickets online. The discounts cannot be combined. Meals Once more the participants of the festival can count on the canteen of Andanças. We offer the possibility to buy meals in advance at a lower price – the discounts for the meals on the canteen of Andanças are the same as for the tickets. Sale of meal vouchers online *
* Exempt of VAT according to n.º 20 of Article 9.º Sale of meals at the festival * Lunch or dinner – 6,00 € Breakfast – 2,00 € * Exempt of VAT according to n.º 20 of Article 9.º Advanced sale The deadlines for the online sale refer to the actual payment belonging to a reference. This reference is generated during the online booking of tickets and is valid for 3 days. If the payment belonging to a reference is not realized within this time, the reference will be cancelled. Limited number of tickets For safety reasons the number of tickets for the festival is limited. Therefore, in case of overcrowding, the ticket sale will temporarily be suspended. 

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