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Concertos Andanças'2013
19 TO 25 AUG'13
The Alentejo at Andanças
Alentejo at Andanças is a special place at Andanças 2013. After 18 editions, this is the first year, the festival is taking place in the Alentejo. Castelo de Vide is hosting Andanças 2013, in an environment that raises social, political, economical and ecological questions. The festival grounds are located on the shore of the dammed lake of Póvoa e Meadas, one of the oldest hydroelectric power plant in the Alentejo.
Following the theme of Andanças 2013 – Discovery – we want to go on a journey through the Alentejo, with the people, their voices and bodies. People who were born and grew up here, or were influenced by this region. We want to explore and to discover this Alentejo with all its variety. 
Alentejo at Andanças presents typical dance and music traditions from the Alentejo. There are for example the Alentejano Singing, which is presently applying for the Immaterial Cultural Heritage, or typical dances from the region, the “Saias de Castelo de Vide”. There are also contemporary projects, dance and music workshops, concerts and balls with a mixture of traditional folk music and contemporary elements, public art exhibitions, gastronomy, theater, tales and much more.
PédeXumbo, the association organizing Andanças, created different projects. There are for example: the Historical ball (Baile das Histórias) which is presented with scenes inspired by the work of painter Paula Rego; the sound project of Workers voices, a number of voices talking about the Agrarian Reform in Alentejo, which might still be the crucial point leading to the “lost paradigm” the Alentejo always seems to be; Audio guide Alentejo at Andanças, created in collaboration with the publisher Boca, which is an invitation to listen to the sound landscape – told and sung by people of this region. Finally, there were collaborations with the local communities, which host Andanças 2013, Póvoa e Meadas and Castelo de Vide. Those collaborations led to the recreation of a historical dance (Baile à Antiga), coordinated by the folk group of Póvoa e Meadas, as well as to the opening parade of Andanças (Arruada de abertura) with the orchestra of the district (Bandas Filarmónicas do Concelho) and circus artists.

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