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Concertos Andanças'2013
19 TO 25 AUG'13
There are various services offered to our participants to make Andanças a success for everyone. In the following you find a list of those services, where to find them, the opening hours and a short description. 

  • Where: close to the shore of the dammed lake
  • When: Breakfast 8:30-11:00 | Lunch and Dinner 12:00-23:00
  • Meat, Fish and vegetarian meals, each consisting of bread, soup, main course, salad, fruits and drink
  • Only for participants with a valid wristband
  •  Prices: Breakfast: 2€ | Lunch or Dinner: 6€
  • *Here* you can find more information
Sale of meal vouchers
  • Where: next to the canteen
  • When: 8:00 - 23:00
  • Meal vouchers can be purchased in advance for different days. The vouchers have to be bought at this place; cash payment is not accepted where the food is served.
Camping kitchen
  • Where: tent next to the camping site
  • At this place, participants of the festival can prepare their own food. There are no stoves, you need to bring your own cooking gear. This kitchen has also a place for barbeque. This is the only place at the whole festival grounds, where it is allowed to make fire.
Food and drinks:
  • Where: Social area
  • When: 09:00 - 05:00
  • Yoghurt, juice, spirits, beer and sangria, tea and fruit sirup
  • Typical food from Alentejo
  • Vegetarian dishes
  •  Steaks and snacks
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Coffee
  • Ice cream
  • Where: next to the entrance of the camping site
  • When: 8:30 - 20:30
  • Grocery products
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Drinks
  • Coffee
  • Ice cream
Ticket shop
  • Where: at the entrance of the festival, in a separate building
  •  When: 9:00 - 2:00
  • Ticket sale, hand out of wristbands
  • Exchange of wristbands for tickets from the advanced sale (please make sure to bring the confirmation of the payment)
  • Hand out of temporary wristbands for camping
  • Exchange of wristbands for invitations
  • Hand out of credentials and wristbands for journalists (Media)
Recharging station
  • Where: center of the festival, Casa Amarela (the yellow house)
  •  When: 9:00 - 24:00
  • Charging of batteries of cell phones or small electrical devices
  • Where (general parking): next to the road to the festival.
  • Organized by volunteers
  • Visitors parking: Parking place for visitors of the area, who are not participating in the festival.
  • This part of the parking place has a separate exit to the beach of the dammed lake.
  • Parking for artists, market or gastronomy stand holders, and the organization of the festival: Access to this parking is only possible with a card handed out by the organization. It is located very close to the entrance of the festival and has direct access to the festival grounds
  • Temporary parking for 60 minutes: A parking place with a limited number of spaces, parking is allowed for up to 60 minutes
  • Controlled by GNR or volunteers
  • This is the parking place closest to the festival. There are five spaces indicated for handicapped persons
  • Where: behind the program area for children
  • Open in the afternoon and at night.
  • Afternoon: 13:30 - 16:30 – Afternoon naps for children of a maximum age of 5 years. The parents put their children to sleep.Night: 21:30 - 01:00 – For children of a maximum age of 5 years.
  • The children can only be brought in during the first hour after opening.
Program area for children (Espaço Criança)
  • Where: next to the ponds
  • With its own program, especially designed for children and families – workshops, balls, concerts, etc.
  • The parents remain responsible for their children.
  • Children younger than 5 years are not allowed without company
  •  Where: in the area Além'Corpo
  • When: 10:30 – 12:00 | 15:30 – 19:00
  • Printing of t-shirts with the Andanças logo
Program office
  • Where: center of the festival, Casa Amarela (the yellow house)
  • Special information for participants
  • Support of workshop leaders and artists: contact and meeting point 
  • Management of the whole program, from workshops to balls and concerts
  • Display of the daily updated program schedule 
  • Information for participants
Artist reception
  • Where: next to the ticket shop
  • When: 09:00 - 02:00
  • Reception of artists and hand out of the welcome package, wristbands as well as meal and drink vouchers, reimbursement of expenses, guiding the artists through the festival areas.
  • Hand out of parking cards for the parking place restricted for the organization
CD Sale
  • Where: center of the festival, Casa Amarela (the yellow house)
  • When: 12:00 - 22:00
  • Sale of promotional material of the artists at the festival, and much more!!!
Instrument guard
  • Where: center of the festival, Casa Amarela (the yellow house)
  • When: 9:00 - 6:00
  • Storing of musical instruments and other materials of the artists, workshop leaders and also for participants, who bring their own instrument to the festival.
  • Lost and Found: Here you can pick up lost property, which was handed in at the Information.
  • Where: at the Mug rent (Canecário)
  • When: 09:00 - 02:00
  • General information
  • Personal advice
  • Handing in of Lost and Found property
  • Where: at the Program Office
  • When: 09:00 - 04:00
  • General information
  • Information on the program and the artists
  • Handing in of Lost and Found property
Medical center
  • Where: center of the festival, Casa Amarela (the yellow house)
  • When: 24h
  • Treatment of small maladies, medical care and check-up. Management of ambulances and coordination of transports to the hospital.
Operational headquarter
  • Where: Casas Geminadas, at the dam wall
  • When: 24h
  • Emergency center
  • Coordination of security staff
  • Management of the security of the festival
  • Contact point for missing children (in the security room)
  • Contact to fire fighters
  • Check point
  • Lost and Found headquarter (hand in)

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